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Meaning of Dreams

There are many schools of thought on this. The question is, is our reality a dream and our dreams reality? Twist your brain with that one for a minute. I think in life, whether a dream or not, we always remember or subconscious choose not to remember that even or dream. It may be the ego, how in tune someone is with each of their body’s it may be fear of self and it may be one is not ready to be challenged at that level at that time within their journey. I think our body’s are always talking to us, it is just whether or not a person can or is ready to tune in. It goes back to most can’t remember their childhood, correct. It is not that they can’t remember it, is just that they choose not to, for the reasons I feel stated above.   Here … Continue Reading

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Fear: Is it what holds us back?

Fear that is acknowledged is freedom,Fear that is denied becomes guilt!-OSHO

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Gluten Clarified: By Dr. Kalish

Gluten Sensitivity Since 1993 I have personally treated over 7,000 patients, only to find the majority of those with chronic, misdiagnosed health problems to be gluten sensitive. It is the most commonly missed underlying cause of many common health complaints from depression to fatigue, from female hormone imbalances to compulsive overeating. It has proven to be the single most important factor in the healing process of the majority of my most difficult cases. As a genetic, autoimmune disorder, gluten sensitivity can devastate whole families and you will see evidence of it in each generation, from an alcoholic grandparent to a child with constant tummy aches. My professional commitment to identifying clients with this problem was established by the benefits my family and I have personally received by implementing this simple dietary change and I welcome any questions or comments by those interested in the subject. You can contact me at … Continue Reading

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The Tao: According to OSHO

Tao means the way—they don’t talk about the goal. The goal will take care of itself; you need not worry about the goal. If you know the way you know the goal, because the goal is not at the very end of the way, the goal is all over the way—each moment and each step it is there. To be on the way is to be in the goal.-OSHO

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Low Bone Density

 I find most females, especially athletic ones, are estrogen dominant. Estrogen inhibits osteoclast activity and progesterone facilitates osteoblast activity. So if you are deficient in progesterone, your bone remaking osteoblasts never get to go to work. I would run a full hormone profile on her. Her nutrition (especially protein intake secondary to the LV requiring it to detoxify estrogen), as well as taking progest, if needed should and will help over time. Researchers such as Peate and Sayle have proven that most, not all women with bone density issues are estrogen dominant and deficient in adequate quality protein intake.

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Body Hair Loss

In Chinese medicine, the LU and LI correlate with the body hair. The body hair is the flower of them. When lungs take in original qi from the air and the LI through many processes, excrete waste of course. They are both correlated with sadness, depression and not being able to let go. I will simplify this, but it you might need to go see a TCM for an assessment of the four pillars to get a better dx (observation-face, body, tongue, etc, questions, listen/smell and palpation/pulse). These organs are also correlate with fall and the pathogen of dryness. Is the air dry where you are now? As well, the LU downbear mist to the KD, which in turn (taking food qi from the SP, which is blood, fluids, essence and what is called jing) upbears these fluids to the LU, as well to the LV and HT. If there … Continue Reading

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Autoimmune Disease and what to do?

I’m writing this on behalf of a good friend. She has Autoimmune disease and is going nowhere with her recovery. She is on many Steroids and Anti-inflammatories and has been told her problems are purely linked to her Thyroid? She has a large rash over her body also. I’ve been told the’r have been links with Autoimmune Disease and Leaky Gut Syndome? Does anybody have any good advice or could throw some information my way? Thanks for your time. What does she have, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s and on and on. Personally, I have worked with  many clients with autoimmune diseases. It takes time to eductate them and to teach them how to help themselves how to heal, but it can be done. My last client took about a year to fully heal and feel “normal” again. Of course along the way she made progress, but it took a full year … Continue Reading

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This in my opinion is just a stress induced dysfunction and the shingles are the symptom of that. I would focus 100% on the NLC assessments and treatment with her. Also do a home and office toxic checklist. The main goal here is stress reduction in all aspects of life. In TCM, which acupuncture and herbs work great for skin disorders, shingles are caused by either stagnation heat in the LV channel (irritable, constipation and head/neck shingles), damp-heat in the SP channel (hot and poor appetite) and chronic blood stasis (body eruptions, pain with and lack of movement, fatigue, dizziness, etc). So getting some acupuncture, herbal treatments and moxa treatments (if it is blood stasis) will help eliminate heat, dampness, wind, detoxify and purge the liver.

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Confucius had it right, that long ago!!

To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right. – Confucius

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Morning Sickness and Herbs

I find that a common theme among pregnant women is the god awful side effect of morning sickness. I see this a lot in my clinic and I always am trying to find something that really works. There are so many schools of thought on this and of course each case should be treated and handled differently. Here are some of my thoughts of the causes from reading and research, as well as some recommendations to help: 1. Causes: chronic dehydration prior and during, being on the pill, going off and the influx of the hormones from getting pregnant, malnutrition prior and the body having a hard time handling the task of supporting life. 2. Symptom relief: a.  using peace and calming, di-geeze, peppermint or lavendar essential oils from Young Living on the belly and chest area b.  drinking room temp water throughout the day, drinking fresh cut ginger in tea … Continue Reading

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