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Interesting link to thyroid and adrenal gland connection

Check this out! I have educated many clients about this, done many talks on this and have unfortunately played the “prove and defend” game with many ND’s, Chiro’s and the like. Once again these are just my experiences from working with people with thyroid issues and finding out that the thyroid is usually the byproduct of an adrenal issue, estrogen dominance issue, low progesterone issue, high prolactin issue and so forth.

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Heavy Metal Toxicity

This is an interesting thing that I wanted to share with everyone. My father had been experiencing the smell of gasoline for months no matter where he was or what he was doing. Knowing men, as well as my father, he did not say much about it, complain and just thought it was normal?? Go figure! After a couple of months of suffering and finding out that no one smelt what he was smelling, he decided to ask me for some advice. I have never come across this in my career, but I always love a challenge. So knowing what my father ate, drank and how he lived everyday, I thought it could be a heavy metal toxicity issue from years of drinking tap water, eating conventional foods, working around the house and on his Harley. To make a long story short, this is what I did and no more … Continue Reading

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Psychiatry, no answers, no cures!!

Well, if you want to watch a video that might shock you and make you think again before always following your MD’s advice, here it is. I would like to share with you a 5 minute Video that I think will be very informative to you, your friends, clients and so forth. Psychiatrists openly admit at the 2006 APA convention that they have  no scientific tests to prove mental illness. Click on the link below!

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Urinary Incontinence after pregnancy

I have treated many female clients that end up with urinary incontinence after delivering their baby. From being pregnant, your “core” muscles lengthen and become inhibited (loss of inability to do their job, which is to stabilize the low back and hold the organs in). This is one reason why women loose bladder control (part of the inner unit is the pelvic floor, which regulates this). As well, when these muscles lengthen, the organs “hang off” the ligaments and push down on the bladder, this is another reason why most women have loss of bladder control. If these muscles are still lengthened and the organs are still “hanging” of ligaments, then you will continue to have this issue. The largest issue is from getting an episiotomy, which completely shuts off the pelvic floor. At the same time, the scar tissue that is built up is the roadblock in this situation … Continue Reading

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Congress and the Drug Cartel

If you still have doubts about the influence drug companies have on Capitol Hill, you’ll be as alarmed as I am about this USA Today report that tracked donations from the cartel to Congressmen that may have influenced their decisions in killing a measure last week that would’ve allowed drug imports into America. The 49 senators who voted down the drug importation measure have received $5 million from drug executives and related political action committees over the past six years, representing almost 75 percent of the industry’s donations to current Senate members. And, one legislator who claimed he was responsible for introducing an amendment that limited the FDA’s authority to require post-market studies had received $168,500 in donations from drug companies. However, that Congressman didn’t even make the top 10 list when it came to campaign donations from drug companies. The top five Senators, all of whom voted in favor … Continue Reading

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We are what we eat!

Josh, I‘ve got a client who wishes to gain weight and bulk up he has a high heart rate and suffers from tremours in his right arm and hand his diet consist of nourishments drinks and protein weight gain drinks along side a normal healthy diet. i suggested that he should have his thyroid gland checked out do you have any suggestions? Answer:There is a lot that you can recommend or even do with your client, but some of it may be out of your scope of practice. Here are my recommendations in no particular order: The foundation of life is food, good quality food. Without it, the body will not function properly, heal properly and dysfunctions will arise. As Paul Chek says, “you are what you eat!” My first recommendation would be to either educate him about food quality or refer him out to a holistic nutritionist, CHEK NLC … Continue Reading

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Quote of the day

Drum on this one for a bit. I feel it has a lot of hidden meaning and has taught me a lot through the University of Life. Think it over or try not to think it over, that is the meaning behind it.  ”In solitude we are least alone.”

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Hello and good morning!

Well today I just wanted to say hi to all my readers and avid users of my blog. For one I appreciate the support and the incoming questions that keep coming in. Two, I learn so much from all you teachers, that it makes my life journey so much more beautiful. Three, I enjoy giving back and that is what this blog is all about. Today is Tuesday and it is somewhat overcast outside. I had one of my semi-professional golfers come in today (, and I have another client coming in later. After that I am off to school for my Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine 3 class from 2-5pm and then my Herbs 2 class from 6-9pm. Long day in many peoples eyes, but to me it is love. I create the days exactly how I want them and I love every aspect of them.  Lesson for the day: … Continue Reading

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Can’t you get “fat” from eating “fat?”

I get asked this question almost everyday, all day. Here is my thought process on this, as well as to show you that just because they are spelled the same, does not mean they are the same. If you research this you will learn that it takes fat to actually loose fat. The funny thing is, just because the food we eat (fat) is spelled the same way as getting “fat.” When you eat sugar, carbs, etc, you release insulin, etc from the pancreas to regulatre blood sugar and more. Insulin in excess, along with cortisol, is a fat storing hormone. When you eat fat, you don’t release any insulin from the pancreas. You just release bile from the LV/GB. So you give your pancreas a break. Hence it is impossible to get “fat” from eating quality “fats!”

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Thimerosal, Mercury, and Autism??

Josh, What are your thoughts? Well we could sit here and chat for hours, but I will give you my take on this. It is short and sweet. If you want more info, do some research on, purchase the video called Vaccines by Tenpenny or consult with a holistic ND, MD, DO or someone like myself for some more direct eduation. This was taken from Depression Free-Naturally by John Larson: The first vaccination on record was in the late 1930′s A handful of documented autistic children showed up in the early 1940′s After WWII, as the infant vaccination programs increased, so did the documented number of children with autism. The cases have risen from 11 in 1943 to over 250K in the US today

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