Candida and Hypothyroidism


Candida and hypothyroidism

A candida overgrowth is not a thing, its a state of being.

If we live in a place of “how can I kill candida?,” we will perpetuate being in the STATE of having candida and chasing symptoms.

FACT: Candida thrives off sugar. That is how it lives, breathes and lives symbiotically with you.

Candida can become pathogenic when left to feed on recirculated estrogen caused by inefficient cellular energy production, poor thyroid conversion, compromised gut health – all of which are a  result of the compensated state the body MUST adapt into to make up for all the above.

MYTH: Candida feeds on sugar so you have to cut out sugar to kill candida.

FACT: Candida can pathogenically feed on some sugar, but it is usually from EXCESS cortisol breaking down muscle tissue as a result of being in a low metabolic, low thyroid and low energy state.

Hypothyroidism, low energy production, low metabolism – however you would like to word it, is always accompanied by recirculating estrogen due to the livers inability to detoxify estrogen.

Estrogen inhibits thyroid hormone conversion creating the illusion of one being “hypothyroid”. Secondly, estrogen stimulates cortisol further inhibiting thyroid hormone conversion, increasing estrogen recirculation as well as pathogenic candida.

Lastly, cortisol and estrogen, when in EXCESS, have a negative impact on the immune system, thus lowering SigA therefore making you more susceptible to “candida overgrowth.”

What did we learn?

Candida overgrowth is a state of being – ie. hypothyroid and immunosuppressed.

Candida thrives on estrogen, not sugar.

Cutting out sugar just pisses candida off, as well as makes you more pissed off and HANGRY.

Candida overgrowth is not from eating a diet of too much sugar. Its from eating in a way that doesn’t allow you to regulate your own blood sugar thus putting you into a immune suppressed state.

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