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What The Hell Do You Mean I Should Not Eat Salad?

Lets face it…although we as humans are capable of eating everything that is presented to us as “healthy” does not mean that we are capable of digesting it. There is no faster way to alter human physiology then by altering the function of the GI system. Considering that we are nothing more then an open tube from mouth to anus, it can become very clear how simple it might be to alter this internal environment and leaving us more susceptible to the elements. We have to begin to recognize that it is the elements against us. Dirty air, dirty water and dirty soil are just a few reasons we are witnessing such a huge decline in health. It is these very things that disrupt the very systems  designed to protect us. The health of our GI system plays a huge role and dictates our level of health and vitality. It … Continue Reading

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Do You Have Stomach Pains?

Carageenan is a “natural” polysaccharide substance that is pulled from red seaweed. Just like MSG is pulled from brown rice! According the FDA, it is safe to put in foods like soy milk, ice cream, beer, hot dogs, milk, lotions, toothpaste, etc, etc because the particles are too big for our guts to absorb. Well according to many authors, these food particles are not to large for us to absorb, as well as interact with our bacteria in our gut in an inflammatory manner. Carageenan will create inflammation in the gut, thus allowing large and small food particles to slip through the intestine, causing an immune system reaction which can lead to mucous build up (secondary to a histamine reaction) in the throat, nose, gut and more. Once the inflammatory cycle is initiated, you will get a release of adrenal, cortisol, prolactin and estrogen which all not only “fight” to … Continue Reading

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Do I need iron if I am anemic?

Don’t you need iron supplements if you are anemic? In general, no! •    Many doctors think of anemia as necessarily indicating an iron deficiency, but that isn’t correct. 100 years ago, it was customary to prescribe arsenic for anemia, and it worked to stimulate the formation of more red blood cells. The fact that arsenic, or iron, or other toxic material stimulates the formation of red blood cells doesn’t indicate a “deficiency” of the toxin, but simply indicates that the body responds to a variety of harmful factors by speeding its production of blood cells. Even radiation can have this kind of stimulating effect, because growth is a natural reaction to injury. Between 1920 and 1950, it was common to think of “nutritional growth factors” as being the same as vitamins, but since then it has become common to use known toxins to stimulate the growth of farm animals, and … Continue Reading

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Unsaturated Vegetable Oils:Toxic

GLOSSARY:Immunodeficiency (weakness of the immune system) can take many forms. AIDS, for example, refers to an immunodeficiency which is “acquired,” rather than “inborn.” Radiation and vegetable oils can cause “acquired immunodeficiency.” Unsaturated oils, especially polyunsaturates, weaken the immune system’s function in ways that are similar to the damage caused by radiation, hormone imbalance, cancer, aging, or viral infections. The media discuss sexually transmitted and drug-induced immunodeficiency, but it isn’t yet considered polite to discuss vegetable oil-induced immunodeficiency. Unsaturated oils: When an oil is saturated, that means that the molecule has all the hydrogen atoms it can hold. Unsaturation means that some hydrogen atoms have been removed, and this opens the structure of the molecule in a way that makes it susceptible to attack by free radicals.Free radicals are reactive molecular fragments that occur even in healthy cells, and can damage the cell. When unsaturated oils are exposed to free radicals … Continue Reading

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Are You Getting Enough High Quality Sleep?

Rest is the foundation for activity Rest and sleep are highly researched, yet still mysterious in their own rights. Over the years, many scientists have studied this essential activity that all animals participate in. Although the definitive reason why we sleep is yet to be agreed upon, physiologically and biochemically speaking, this complex activity has a number of benefits including: Bodily restoration – tissue growth and repair, protein synthesis Battle pathogens – sleep deprivation diminishes immune-fighting capabilities, including those of the Natural Killer cells Solidify memories – new material is committed to memory Tweak metabolism – sleep affects how our bodies metabolize and store food items such as carbs; further, hormones that affect our appetites can be greatly altered by improper sleep Pruning weakened or unnecessary synapses – during rest, our bodies repair dysfunctional cells, such as those within our nervous system Mood regulation – certain hormones, produced only during … Continue Reading

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High Protein Dieting: Good or Bad?

This is not another “DIE-t” but a guide (FREE download) in helping you define exactly what you need to support yourself nutritionally, increase energy and live the life you desire! http://eastwesthealing.com/stressreductionmanifesto

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Simple treatment for ulcers!

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Increased Sweating: Hyperhydrosis

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What high fructose corn syrup in you is doing to YOU! By A. Serag

Visit our great article and video library! Im going to go over why the YOUs in the title are capitalized first, because I know people won’t be able to focus on what comes after this if I don’t explain that. YOU are in control of YOUR health. So YOU choose what goes into YOUR body; the toll it takes on YOU is partly YOUR fault.  Key point: If YOU want health, YOU go and get it. Im going to start by saying it’s not all at fault of HFCS. Remember that commercial where the kids are playing and sun is shining, and the girl turns to her boyfriend and says ” You shouldn’t eat that, it has HFCS!” ? And then the guy goes “what’s wrong with HFCS?”.  That commercial is right in one way (wrong on so many different levels) and that is that HFCS consumption is not the … Continue Reading

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Detoxification with Dan Kalish

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