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Wonders of Green Onion

Chinese Pinyin: Cong Bai Latin: Alli Fistulosi Bulbus Taste: Warm and acrid Meridians it enters: Lung and stomach Dosage: 3-10 grams of only the roots Functions and indications: 1. Promotes sweating to relieve an exterior wind cold invasion (like ginger) 2. Warms the yang qi (both internal and external) a. Spleen yang deficiency: watery diarrhea, strong odor, stomach cramping, stool with undigested food b. Kidney yang deficiency: urinary retention as with prostate issues c. Moves the yang qi of the chest: chest pain, tightness and oppression

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Wonders of Ginger

Chinese pinyin: Sheng Jiang Latin: Zingiberis Rhizoma Recens Taste: Slightly warm and acrid (disperses qi and blood) Meridians it enters: Lung, spleen and stomach Dosage: 3-5 slices Actions and indications: 1. Promotes sweating to releive the minor or beginning stages of an external wind cold invasion (no sweat, chills, fever, thirst, achy body and headache) 2. Warms the Lung to expell phlegm cold (white, foamy and clear phlegm) 3. Warms the Spleen and Stomach to stop nauseau and vomiting from the middle jaio (abdominal area)- diarrhea with food in stool, stomach pain that likes warmth and compression This is a great herb to calm the stomach area down when one has nausea and vomitting, upset stomach, diarrhea or stomach nerves.

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We are what we eat!

Josh, I‘ve got a client who wishes to gain weight and bulk up he has a high heart rate and suffers from tremours in his right arm and hand his diet consist of nourishments drinks and protein weight gain drinks along side a normal healthy diet. i suggested that he should have his thyroid gland checked out do you have any suggestions? Answer:There is a lot that you can recommend or even do with your client, but some of it may be out of your scope of practice. Here are my recommendations in no particular order: The foundation of life is food, good quality food. Without it, the body will not function properly, heal properly and dysfunctions will arise. As Paul Chek says, “you are what you eat!” My first recommendation would be to either educate him about food quality or refer him out to a holistic nutritionist, CHEK NLC … Continue Reading

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Can’t you get “fat” from eating “fat?”

I get asked this question almost everyday, all day. Here is my thought process on this, as well as to show you that just because they are spelled the same, does not mean they are the same. If you research this you will learn that it takes fat to actually loose fat. The funny thing is, just because the food we eat (fat) is spelled the same way as getting “fat.” When you eat sugar, carbs, etc, you release insulin, etc from the pancreas to regulatre blood sugar and more. Insulin in excess, along with cortisol, is a fat storing hormone. When you eat fat, you don’t release any insulin from the pancreas. You just release bile from the LV/GB. So you give your pancreas a break. Hence it is impossible to get “fat” from eating quality “fats!”

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Wonders of Honey

Copied from www.vitalvotes.com, author Dr. Mercola): The uses for honey — already proven to have a natural antimicrobial effect against many bacteria and fungi — may be growing by leaps and bounds, as one University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health professor and doctor learned first-hand in successfully treating a patient and borderline diabetic’s open wounds. The doctor prescribed honey, applied topically, after one very strong staph infection the patient had been fighting for eight months had continued to fester, despite the use of oral antibiotics. Within months, the wound healed completely, without drugs or antibiotics. Considering the incidence of amputations — a patient somewhere in the world undergoes one for a diabetic foot ulcer every 30 seconds — and the dollars associated with them — almost $11 BILLION based on 2001 numbers in the United States alone — the doctor and her school, with help from the … Continue Reading

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Lesson learned!

Well fokes, I broke one of my own rules. I always recommend take Norweign Naturals or Carlson’s Cod Liver or Fish Oil. I know from research that they are the highest quality organic oils there are. Well I wanted to try a new product to sell out of my office. If clients take capsules, I always tell them to prick the first one with a pin and taste the oil. If it tastes like oil, than it is fine. If it tastes bad, then it is rancid.  So last week I decided to try this new brand prior to selling it. They were capsules and I did not follow my own instructions. All week I never put 2 and 2 together, but I had a bad stomach ache, diarrhea issues, fogginess in the head and did not have that much energy to do anything. Then on Sunday, after 1 wk … Continue Reading

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The Importance Of Colostrum

Josh, I have been recommended to drink raw colostrum over milk. What is colostrum? Colostrum is the first milk produced by the breasts during late pregnancy and for a few days after childbirth. It provides a nursing infant with essential nutrients (B12 being one of them) and infection-fighting antibodies, as well as assists in helping the child pass early stools (aids in excretion of bilirubin and helps prevent jaundice). Breastfeeding and the importance of it is another entire topic in its own. There are many schools of thought on if you should, for how long, etc. The Colostrum the sell in the store comes from cows or sheep. It is difficult to find, but out here in California you can buy it at any health food store. As well, you can purchase it online at www.mercola.com. Be careful because a lot of the product in the store is pasteurized, homogenized … Continue Reading

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Stomach Pains

Josh, I’ve been experiencing some pretty bad stomach pains in the morning about 5 min after my typical 1 or 2 raw organic eggs whipped up and mixed with about 1/2 glass of organic rice milk. The pain can be really bad and lasts about 5 min and then settles down completely. I’ve been having the raw eggs in the morning for several months now and only recently began feeling the stomach pains.A similar occurrence happened to me about 3 years ago when i was consuming some whey protein powder mixed with a glass of dairy milk for breakfast. Again, everything was fine for the first few months and then the gut renching pains began. I remember I purchased a whey protein concentrate and just mixed that with water and that stopped the pains.I’m wondering if maybe it’s a lack of enzymes because it just seems funny that i can … Continue Reading

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Food Sitting in Stomach

“I have a client who went to Steamboat Colorado and since she has been back (two weeks) she feels like when she eats… her food is sitting between her esophagus and stomach. It is not digesting properly. (Possibly sitting in her cardiac sphincter?) On her vacation even after throwing up she still felt like it was sitting there. There was an altitude change from Chicago to Colorado? Any tips on how to help her through this.” There are many things that could be going on. I will list some avenues to look into and you can do the rest: She might have Dysbiosis giving her the sensation that the food is sitting in her stomach, etc. She might need a protocol to heal the gut, introduce digestive enzymes, HCL and increase SIgA/ She might have hidden inflammation, immune system reaction in her GI system (esophagus, etc), that has narrowed the … Continue Reading

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I have a new client who is a hospice nurse. She ca…

I have a new client who is a hospice nurse. She came from a very abusive and troubled family and has been vomiting since childhood when she had to go to school or travel. The only time this has abated is when she practiced yoga and meditation during college. She has begun this again, and combined with our EFT sessions the nausea, vomiting, and anxiety in general has stopped until this last week before she flew to Florida. She also has food intolerances, allergies to gluten and dairy, but has been following her MT Program religiously, while taking all her essential supplements plus adrenotate, and has improved noticeably. Her main symptoms are nausea and vommitting each day.” Here is another spin on vomiting for you. If you feel your principles are not working, I would seek out a TCM. This type of pathology can easily be treated with herbs and … Continue Reading

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