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Remove The Gallbladder So That Gallstones Won’t Form Further

By Sarah Ding Over the past two weeks, I’ve heard of three persons I know who were subject to remove their gallbladder through surgery. The gallbladder is a small, hollow organ that sits in a concavity of the liver. The main function of the gallbladder is to store bile produced by the liver that aids the digestive process. The orthodox health care considers the gallbladder as non-vital thus they’re quick to offer removal of the organ when the gallbladder gets clogged up with gallstones. However, the problem is NOT with the gallbladder, thus removing the gallbladder doesn’t solve any health issues but instead will worsen the condition of the sufferer. What the doctor doesn’t and cannot tell you is that: For every gallstone in the gallbladder, there are multiple times more stones in the LIVER! Now, why can’t the doctor tell you that? Simply because the gallstones in the liver … Continue Reading

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Vitamin D…..to supplement or NOT!

Vitamin D…to supplement or NOT!

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Four Reasons You Are Not Loosing Fat: By Dr. Walsh

Fat loss can be a complicated subject to teach, because there are so many possible limiting factors in a person’s ability to lose fat. There’s the exercise part – which plays a huge role. There’s the diet part – another major player. There’s the psychology – which is a stumbling block for many recreational exercisers. And there’s the social part – which many believe plays a massive, but underappreciated role. But what happens if you’ve got the diet and the exercise part down pat; if your social support is great; your psychology on track… and you still can’t lose fat? Well, that’s when you’ve gotta dig deeper physiologically.  That’s when you have to look to the 4 major physiological systems that could be holding you back.  These include: Your oxygen delivery system Your blood sugar management system Your adrenal system Your digestive system Now, I want to be real honest … Continue Reading

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Antibiotics and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction!

Antibiotics create their damage in a number of different ways. This is a huge problem in our society as antibiotic use has been frantically prescribed for every infection and inflammation, particularly pediatric ear infection, bronchitis, and sore throat. Ironically, most of these infections are viral in nature, and not only are the antibiotics damaging, but they are ultimately unnecessary. Plain and simple, antibiotics should be considered a hospitalization level medicine and used only when bacteria have entered the blood, bone or organ! How do they create damage? 1. The first is by destroying beneficial bacteria. The small intestine and large intestine host over five hundred different kinds of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria perform hundreds of functions required for healthy metabolism and immune response. Through enzyme secretions, bacteria transform metabolic and microbial wastes (cellular debris, hormones, chemical wastes, bile, viral toxins, bacterial toxins, etc.) before they are discharged from the body. … Continue Reading

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The “Dirty Dozen”

The “Dirty Dozen” Source: Environmental Working Group, www.ewg.org and Food News, www.foodnews.org Whether you are on a budget and need to prioritize your organic purchases, or you would simply like to know which type of produce has the highest pesticide residues—and which do not—the following guide from the Environmental Working Group will help. 12 Most Contaminated Peaches Apples Sweet Bell Peppers Celery Nectarines Strawberries Cherries Pears Grapes (Imported) Spinach Lettuce Potatoes 12 Least Contaminated Onions Avocado Sweet Corn (Frozen) Pineapples Mango Asparagus Sweet Peas (Frozen) Kiwi Fruit Bananas Cabbage Broccoli Papaya More Information For easy reference, download a copy of the wallet guide! Environmental Working Group http://www.ewg.org Josh and Jeanne Rubin Call NOW to set up your FREE…NO Obligation Consultation! 760-597-9727

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most toxic of them all?

By Eve Bralley Phthalates are used in cosmetics, perfumes, aerosols, lotions, air fresheners, shampoos, conditioners, skin emollients, nail polish, and false fingernails. Do the products you use contain phthalates? Unfortunately you won’t find phthalates listed because companies are not required to list them in the ingredients; all you will see is simply the positive term “fragrance.”1 The most significant exposure is from inhalation of aerosols that can deliver highly absorbable phthalates. Skin exposure from lotions and creams can also reach significant amounts.2 Phthalates have numerous physiological effects, mainly related to steroid hormone disruptions. Although studies on individual phthalates have found them to be of low toxicity, when multiple compounds are present it can cause a dramatic enhancement of reactions, because of the additive and synergistic effects of multiple phthalates.3 The problem is that this allows every company to be able to say their product is safe. It’s not like all … Continue Reading

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Serotonin and the Gut~Brain Connection

Serotonin and the Gut Brain Connection

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Omega 3 Fats Helpful for Children with Autism > Know the Cause Blogs > Home

Here is a quick read from Know The Cause.com! Omega 3 Fats Helpful for Children with Autism > Know the Cause Blogs > Home Josh and Jeanne Rubin EastWest Healing and Performance “Helping people to help themselves!”

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What is Gastritis?

What is Gastritis?

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What is BPH and How Do I Treat It?

What is BPH and how do I treat it?

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