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Qi Gong Flow For Beginners

Qi Gong Flow For Beginners

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Insomnia: Why can’t I sleep?

Insomnia: Why can’t I sleep

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Using Shame As A Form Of Control

One of the most common forms of control is shame. It can be a little difficult to see how feeling ashamed is a form of control. Let’s start by reviewing how core shame – the false belief that you are essentially bad – begins. When, as infants and young children, we were neglected, shamed or physically or sexually abused, we had only two choices about how to see things. We could see the truth, which was that our parents were wounded and did not know how to love us, and that we were helpless to do anything about it. Or we could believe the abuse was our fault – that we caused it because we were defective, inadequate, unworthy and unlovable. Because admitting we were helpless might have filled us with the deepest despair – especially as infants when having some power over getting our needs met was a matter … Continue Reading

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The Emotional Side of Candida (Fungal Overgrowth/Infection)

As a society Americans invest most of their time working from without (the physical body) rather than working from within (mental, emotional, and spiritual). One of the things we forget to realize is that our physical body is a 3 D representation of our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and the root of most internal dysfunction is the inability or lack of awareness there is amongst our society in identifying our personal stressors. We, as a society, have lost our focus and live each day trying to escape reality. The human body as an entirety was designed to deal with entirely different kinds of stress than those we are confronted with today and is a master in creating internal imbalance when these stressors are multiplied day in and day out. One very common, yet disruptive, and more often than not left undiagnosed of these imbalances are fungal infections. In this … Continue Reading

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Qi Gong with DJ

Qi Gong with DJ

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Oprah and “Attitude” Stumble Upon Video

Check out this professor that was on Oprah. Talk about appreciating life and realizing time is some that we create, that life is not to be taken for granted, that life is all about lessons and that each individual purpose here is to not only find self, but to allow others to see self within you. http://video.stumbleupon.com/#p=ithct48cqw

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The 5 Archetypes

Greetings!  Are you tired all the time? Do you feel that you are always doing things for someone else? Do you lack enough “ME” time in your day? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, in this newsletter you can find out why. You will be provided with the options for change, but it is up to you to make the choice to change! The 5 Archetypes   There are 5 common archetypes that people fall into when dealing with day to day life. Below you will find that each one not only has its downfalls, but also subconsciously has its benefits to the ego. 1. Prostitute: a) This person tends to be tired all the time. They are constantly giving themselves away in order to get their needs met internally. This person tends to lack self love and worth. b) The upside is that this person … Continue Reading

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Is Stress Making Your Pants Tight

Greetings!  Happy Holidays to all! This time of year it is great to spend time with your family, go holiday shopping, sit by the fire and just enjoy all the great food. At times though, I think we all find that this time of year can be stressful. Between eating at family gatherings, having less time to exercise, spending all that money and working less, the stress can just add up. In this newsletter, we are going to educate you on the various types of stress, how the affect the body and how to overcome them. Is Stress Making Your Pants Tight?  Various kinds of stress: 1.Financial 2. Relationship 3. Food:too much or poor quality 4. Environmental 5. Stinking thinking Affects on the body:We all have what is called our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which regulates the functions in our body that we don’t have to consciously think of (Ex. heart rate, … Continue Reading

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What is Love?

What is love Is it of the mind Is it of the ego Or is it one of a kind Is it caring what is felt Is it caring what is said Is it just an experience Or is it just laying in bed Does it come out of compassion Is it lived with conditions Are there any judements Or is it built in traditions What is known Is that love is being Being with another Not caring who is seeing What is around Who knows When there is love Life just flows Flowing with compassion Feeling and feeling Fitting together on all levels There is meaning It is the smile It is the laugh Feeling deep inside Moments pass Nothing else matters All attention on her You know what is felt Clearing all the blur It is felt Felt so right Holding hands Cuddling at night Love is known … Continue Reading

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Beings Of Nature

We are beings of a nature One with all Flowing we shall be Like leaves in the fall Heavens above Earth below We are so close You don’t even know Are we here with all Can we feel whats around Do you see whats above Are we all that is on the ground Perceptions, oh life is It is different for all Don’t think too fast You will miss it all Experience life Don’t forget the past Mixed up you can get Life will go by fast Do we forget Or do we choose to not remember Open your mind You will see its almost november Humans we are We experience it all It may be different Large or small Beings of nature People can get in our mind Cut the weeds Life you will find! Joshua Rubin www.eastwesthealing.com

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