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Soul Expressions

Breathing in silence With no-thing else around You can see your breathe As it comes around The mist The meaning of it all The beauty it expresses It is ALL From no-thing One Comes every-thing Life, meaning = fun The all knowing The all presence The all pervading It all begins to make sense Tap in It begins to know Stop thinking Life becomes slow Like a snowflake Falling from above Slow as it falls To earth with love The existence it creates Creation I begin to feel Alive I AM Here again to seel the deal Birth again Soul comes out Vibrate it is Without a doubt Is it your breath It is the smile Laugh you will be It has been a while The meaning of the soul To breath out with glow Exression it is All I know Joshua Rubin www.eastwesthealing.com

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Client with Fibromyalgia and Confused?

My patient is a 30yr old female who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but has an interesting case: * Multiple food intolerances, dairy, nuts, gluten/wheat. * Can detect changes in air pressure, can predict rain * Ability to lose or gain weight very quickly (1/2 stone) in 1 week for no reason * Sensitivity to clothes labels causes skin irritation * Sensitivity to jewelery, especially silver * Dislikes rough/hard tasting foods * Very acute sense of smell * Suffers IBS, constipation and indigestion * Bruises very easily, especially after gentle knocks * Vivid premonitions * Regular headaches * Raunauds disease * Coeliac disease * Hypothyoid * Raised ESR rate * Low BP (90/50) * Photographic memory She has come to see me for help with widespread spinal pain, neck  pains, and buttock pain bilaterally. She has poor posture which i am addressing, as well as some other spinal dysfunctions. Lumbar x-ray … Continue Reading

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Iodine and Thyroid

I was wandering if you had experience with using Iodine for a sluggish Thyroid. The skin patch was gone in 41/2 hrs. I have read that the need for Iodine is 12 mg. Others say that it should not exceed the RDA, and there is also advice in between these extremes. Also what type of Iodine, Lugol’s, Atomadine (Cayce), Iodomere, Prolamine. Is the liquid solution superior to the capsules or tablets? I would try other routes before you start messing with the thyroid.  Estrogen dominance will inhibit T3 to T4 conversion. This slows the thyroid down. Soy and fluoride do the same above. This will slow the thyroid down. Being in a state of adrenal fatigue will slow the thyroid down. Have you done an adrenal test? On a more spiritual level, I have found that when people hold things in (emotions from being at a job they dislike or in … Continue Reading

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Expressions from my soul

Illusions in our mind Life goes on. Funky places of all kind Life goes on. Take me to that place Life goes on. Don’t wait until tomorrow Life goes on. I feel your sorrow Life goes on. We are free flowing Let it go Don’t wait Let go of that sorrow. The illusions are gone We are here The beauty in life It is so clear. If feel your presence behind it all The beauty and clarity You and ME Feeling! The soul opens up Is it love? Is it feeling? All I know is that you give my life meaning!  Joshua Rubin www.eastwesthealing.com

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Sjogren’s Syndrome

 Question: I have a client with Sjogens Disease, which I am told is a condition that reduces the immune system. It also dries out the joints. Have you heard of it, and if so, what do you suggest I should do or more importantly avoid? I do try to increase her warm-up length in an attempt to release more sinovial fluid. Also, she recently had a bursa on her hip and has been advised to avoid cycling (stationary bikes, etc..). Answer: Sjogren’s syndrome classically features a combination of dry eyes, dry mouth and another disease of the connective tissues, most commonly rheumatoid arthritis. It is an autoimmune disease, characterized by the abnormal production of extra antibodies in the blood that are directed against various tissues of the body. This particular autoimmune illness is caused by inflammation in the glands of the body. Inflammation of the glands that produce tears (lacrimal glands) … Continue Reading

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Learn the Love Principle: By Paul Chek

 I first learned of the Love Principle in Walter Russell’s one-year home study course. Simply stated, Russell teaches that the Love Principle is expressed as a balance of giving and regiving. The concept of giving and regiving is beautifully depicted in nature. For example, grass grows in response to the love given from Mother Earth and Father Sun. The grass is given life, in which it experiences the love of physical existence. Grass growing on the African savanna also experiences this giving. From time to time, a zebra comes along and eats the grass, which may or may not terminate its physical life. To be eaten by the zebra is the grass’s chance for regiving; it contributes its life and love to the zebra, nourishing and energizing the animal’s life. The zebra, experiencing the same love from Mother Earth and Father Sun in the form of water via river, stream … Continue Reading

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How to Learn: By Paul Chek

 Today, we have the highest number of “well educated” people, including an overwhelming number of people with Masters degrees and PhDs, who earn far less than they should based on their educational status. In fact, some statistics say that approximately 50 percent of those people with university degrees are not even using their degrees in a related field within five years of graduation. As the owner of multiple businesses and a consultant to many other businesses and corporations, one of the most frequent comments I hear from upper level management and business owners is that there seems to be a severe shortage of common sense among the workforce today. Personally, I don’t feel there is a lack of common sense or intelligence. What I feel we do suffer from is an academic system that has become a vehicle for corporate programming rather than effective learning. When education is packaged with … Continue Reading

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Karate client addicted to Sinutab

I have a male client 43yrs, who I have been training for 15mths. His main goal has been weight loss and he has had fantastic results. He still has quite a distinctive belly on him which he desperately wants to lose as he is involved with Karate and wants to compete in the Nationals in October.  He is a mixed type and only now he wants to really get serious again. He is willing to eliminate alcohol and he says he “has” to have is coffee, which he is drinking organic blends. Im about to put him on a parasite/fungal cleanse for a minimum of 2 weeks (from the Fungal Link book), to see how he goes for a trial however, he says he cannot go without his medication which is Sinutab PE, Sinus, Pain and Allergy. He says that he isnt allergic to foods, only the cats in his … Continue Reading

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Life~Time~How do you do it?

Hi Josh, I skim your posts on the Chek forum, as I do most other people’s posts. In between frantic checking of emails, quick scribbling of articles for my blog, clients, newsletter, on my way to train, or go to the market, or actually meet with some clients, and I always wonder – How do you fit so much in? Do you work yourself into the night (which I can’t imagine, given the nature of your posts), or are you simply incredibly structured? Do you ever switch off? Thanks for your indulgence. ASNWER: That is a question that I get at least once a day from a CHEK Practitioner somewhere in or outside the US. I do appreciate your thoughts and the time you have taken to read my posts, thanks! When it comes to life, I typically don’t focus on my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I have them. … Continue Reading

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What is and Where is Happiness?

I decided last week to buy a nice journal from Barnes and Noble. I have been starting to write down life lessons, my versions of poetry and drawing in it each day. I starte to do this because for one, I wanted to stimulate more R brained activity than L. I love what I do and I love my life, but I feel it is dominated by my L brain. I have two halves, so I thought I would start using the other side more often. Secondly, I started to journal because I realized that I have learned so much about myself over the past 5 years through self exploration, learned so much from my clients and everyone that I came in contact with, that I needed to start writing it down, digesting it and learning from it. I have to say so far, I enjoy it each day and … Continue Reading

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