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Lost on what to do with complex client?

Young business women of 28 years old with very deep emotional stress. 3 years ago, she wanted to lose 20 pounds and she was ready to change her lifestyle, and she did.  She followed HLC principles with success and even changed her professional life (more human than business related). I continued to train her and she got great results for 1 years 1/2. During this last year and half, she moved overseas, get swindled and had to come back after 6 months, broken. She tried to get a job but wasn’t possible anymore since she was pregnant. She then helped her fiancée starting his own business. For months, they had to borrow money to survive, working on their project. She had her baby end December and started doing asthma for the first time in her life one day before the birth. Since then , she having severe asthma crisis from time … Continue Reading

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The World As We Think We See It

I am sitting here today studying for my finals that I have for the next two weeks in class. I am listening to some light reggae music. While sitting here, I started to think about the University of Life and all of its life lessons. One that comes up quite often, that I was talking with a client last night about, is how we see the world and how we like to blame others for how we feel, think and act. Here are some of my thoughts on this and remember, they are just my experiences in life! 1. Let me start with, there are 3 types of people in this world: mirror, crystal ball and angelic beings. Mirror people mirror back to us our universe. We typically blame these people for our angry, judgement, shame, bad luck, etc. But what we don’t realize is that those judgements our are … Continue Reading

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Taoism by OSHO

Tao means the way—they don’t talk about the goal. The goal will take care of itself; you need not worry about the goal. If you know the way you know the goal, because the goal is not at the very end of the way, the goal is all over the way—each moment and each step it is there. To be on the way is to be in the goal. -OSHO  I think the key point here is that the more think the more you are. But sometimes the more you are, the more you can get in your way. We are the biggest obstacles when it comes to becoming happy and successful in life. If you focus on what is and no what was or could be, you will find you self “on the way” and not “in the way.” With love and qi, Joshua Rubin www.eastwesthealing.com 

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Higher vs Lower Self Talk by Paul Chek

1. The Higher-Self (HS) is the Soul. Soul itself is a direct emanation of God, existing in vertical time. Itself, without any wants, needs or desires; think of Soul as a seed, which itself will exist without action for untold periods of time, all the while, holding the potential of the entire tree or plant within. The Soul is Unconditional Love; key word…”Unconditional”; there is no line of demarcation between yin and yang here – no “tai-chi”, just Wu-Chi. 2. Soul (HS) is actualized by Spirit. In actual fact, all souls on the planet are not “Souls”, but are Spirit-Souls; the seed can not express itself in space-time without earth, water, fire (sun), air, and ether (space) as an experiential matrix. Spirit emanates from Wu-chi – an ABSOLUTE Vacuum, which is not empty in the sense conveyed by the word “vacuum”, but rather ABSOLUTELY Full, creating a condition of Fullness, … Continue Reading

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How to work with a client with Epilepsy?

Here are some things to look into and try with clients with epilepsy. I have read a lot of good stuff, but have not had a chance to try any of this recently.  Gluten: I would eliminate this 100% from the diet. I have read and seen a lot of cases on DVD of children who have seizure disorders and epilepsy. Once the gluten was eliminated, the seizures went away. GABA: This is an AA that we produce in our body to help with anxiety. It makes us feel calm and tranquil. According to Larson in Depression Free Naturally, he has treated many epileptic cases by using GABA. As well, he states that the addition of Taurine can inhibit the seizures. Sound healing: This can be used for many superficial reasons such as to calm the body. When I mean superficial, I mean the physical body. But on a deeper … Continue Reading

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You Are What You Eat- Processed Foods: By Paul Chek

Do me a favor before you read the next paragraph – go to your cupboards and refrigerator, and take a look at how many packaged food items you have in your kitchen. While you are there pull out a desert item (i.e. ice cream), a boxed item (i.e. breakfast cereal) and any other item you have that is flavored (i.e. salad dressing) and take a look at the labels. After reading the ingredients list, ask yourself: How many words am I unable to pronounce? Which of these ingredients have I never heard of and/or have no idea what it is? Go take a look at those labels and, when you come back to finish this article, I will tell you why you may be having such a hard time flattening your abs, and why, even if they are flat, you may feel so dull every day! If you did this … Continue Reading

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You Are What You Eat- Grains: By Paul Chek

The story or grains is part and parcel with the story of bread, neither of which the human machinery are designed to function optimally on. While I’m sure this comment is a surprise to some of you, significant amounts of scientific evidence suggests that for all of human evolution, right up until approximately 10,000 years ago, the primary staple in the diets of most civilizations was animal meat. There were times when meat was scarce for a variety of reasons yet in, general our consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds was seasonal and supplementary. Most of the animals we ate, such as deer, were plant eaters. These animals served to condense nutrition in their meats – one pound of meat contained the nutritional equivalent of several pounds of vegetables. Such a nutrient-dense source of nourishment allowed us a to have sustenance during the winter months when we had minimal … Continue Reading

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Autoimmune Disease and what to do?

I’m writing this on behalf of a good friend. She has Autoimmune disease and is going nowhere with her recovery. She is on many Steroids and Anti-inflammatories and has been told her problems are purely linked to her Thyroid? She has a large rash over her body also. I’ve been told the’r have been links with Autoimmune Disease and Leaky Gut Syndome? Does anybody have any good advice or could throw some information my way? Thanks for your time. What does she have, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s and on and on. Personally, I have worked with  many clients with autoimmune diseases. It takes time to eductate them and to teach them how to help themselves how to heal, but it can be done. My last client took about a year to fully heal and feel “normal” again. Of course along the way she made progress, but it took a full year … Continue Reading

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Psychiatry, no answers, no cures!!

Well, if you want to watch a video that might shock you and make you think again before always following your MD’s advice, here it is. I would like to share with you a 5 minute Video that I think will be very informative to you, your friends, clients and so forth. Psychiatrists openly admit at the 2006 APA convention that they have  no scientific tests to prove mental illness. Click on the link below! http://www.flixxy.com/psychiatry-no-science-no-cures.htm

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Hello and good morning!

Well today I just wanted to say hi to all my readers and avid users of my blog. For one I appreciate the support and the incoming questions that keep coming in. Two, I learn so much from all you teachers, that it makes my life journey so much more beautiful. Three, I enjoy giving back and that is what this blog is all about. Today is Tuesday and it is somewhat overcast outside. I had one of my semi-professional golfers come in today (www.jayslough.com), and I have another client coming in later. After that I am off to school for my Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine 3 class from 2-5pm and then my Herbs 2 class from 6-9pm. Long day in many peoples eyes, but to me it is love. I create the days exactly how I want them and I love every aspect of them.  Lesson for the day: … Continue Reading

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