Nutrition Coaching

Our goal is to give you back your health – your confidence, your trust, your faith…your power!

With the assistance of a strategic plan and well-paced process we will walk you through a series of steps designed to get you back on the right path to health.

Each step is designed to create awareness and understanding so you can then begin to implement the proper nutrition and lifestyle habits to continue to grow and support your healing potential.

Using food to establish an individualized platform for the body to heal is an essential first step to long-term lasting health and wellness.

What you can expect to learn in The Restoration Thyroid Nutrition Program:

  • How to use metabolic foods to regulate and heal your thyroid (what foods, when, how much and why)
  • How to regulate your blood sugar and heal your adrenals
  • How to use food to significantly reduce stress and restore the health and function of the HPA axis
  • How to use food to support and heal your digestive system
  • How to use food to regulate your hormones and improve detoxification
  • How to use food as supplementation so you can begin to optimize the amount of nutrients you receive from your food.
  • How to use feedback mechanisms to assess your progress to confirm what you are doing is working. These tools allow you to make more informed and intentional steps to build your

There are different phases of healing the body will experience throughout the process. All recommendations are made with one purpose and one purpose only – to improve and/or restore cellular energy production.

Some foods affect the body negatively in the earlier phases of healing while others will be more supportive. The goal in the end is to build the body’s resiliency back up while learning to establish and practice moderation and balance in all aspects of your life.

If you’re ready to experience your true healing potential and learn more about individualized programming click the box below!

Josh and Jeanne would be more then happy to get on the phone with you, answer a few questions and explore how ‘food strategy’ could work for you!