Congestive Heart Failure

“There is big correlation with the liver and heart issues. The liver influences the entire circulatory system, including the heart. In fact, the liver is greatest protector of the heart. The liver detoxifies and purifies venous blood that arrives via the portal vein from the abdominal part of the digestive system, the spleen, and the pancreas. After it is purified in the liver, the blood passes through the hepatic vein into the inferior vena cava, which takes it straight into the right of the heart. From there the venous blood is carried to the lungs, where the interchange of gases take place; Carbon dioxide is excreted and oxygen absorbed. After leaving the lungs, the oxygenated blood passes into the left side of aorta, which supplies all body tissues with oxygenated blood. Galllstones in the bile ducts of the liver distort the basis framework of the lobules. Consequently, the blood vessels supplying these liver units develop kinks, which greatly reduces internal blood supply. Liver cells become damaged, and harmful cellular debris begins to enter the bloodstream. This further weakens the liver’s ability to detoxify blood. As a result, more and more harmful substances are retained both in the liver and blood. A congested liver can obstruct the venous blood flow to the heart, leading to heart palpitations or even heart attacks. It is obvious that toxins that are not neutralized by the liver end up damaging the heart and blood vessel network. There is much more I can get into regarding this but I just wanted to give you the gist of it.”

By Chris Dillon

EastWest Healing and Performance

Susan walker
Susan walker

I'm a 56 year old women, I had a heart attack four yrs. ago this Coming Feb. I've had my ups and downs but I didn't fit the profile of what we are warned of That causes heart attacks. I don't smoke, drink, 5' 6 1/2" weighted @160lb When I had heart attack. Not the best eatter but have seen much worse, My job was sitting most the day, long day little to no excersice . Also, a recovered Addict since 2001. Had been to ER a few times in the 6 mos. before heart attack They never found any problem with my heart and would send me home. Was sick three days before HA no chest pains just weak, wanted to be outside, Had my husband lay me down in the yard. He though I lose my mind. On the morning Of the fourth sick day I knew something was really wrong, husband took me to hospital Had some chest pain on the way, was convinced it was HA was wheeled into ER died About two minutes later was shocked 11 time airlifted to another hospital. Every since then I've been looking for the truth about heart attacks. I started having this Pain in my right side, that's when the gallbladder started talking to me. I began to think On the lines of what this article is talking about. I changed my diet and still learning about Eating right I weight 141.2 today my blood work is good as far a cholesterol goes did it all by Eating better. but still working on gallbladder detox sick as a dog. So happy I was told about you. Can't wait to learn what you are so willing to teach...hope to fell better tomorrow. Doing the olive oil And lemon every fifteen minutes 1hour before bed plus the epson salt. I keep thinking why did This come back after eating so well for so long. But I think these are old stones. Think I need the Chinese Bitters, GCG, curcuma, coptis. Now to figure out the best place to buy them at.

Josh & Jeanne Rubin
Josh & Jeanne Rubin

Thanks for sharing ur story with us, tuning in and supporting us. Would love to chat sometime to answer ur questions and fill u in on how we coach long distance. Check out our cookbook on our site to get a taste:)