Depression and BiPolar

Questions: I have read a lot out there on depression, SSRI’s, BiPolar and lithium. I have found more of it not working, than working??

 The reasons things like this happen is because depression is just not simple depression. According to Dr. Larson in Depression Free Naturally, causes of depression are:

a. NT depletion
b. EFA deficiencies in the brain
c. Vit and mineral depletion
d. Hypothyroidism
e. Hypoglycemia
f. Brain allergy reactions and food/env sensitivities
g. Systemic buildup of fungal molds in the body
h. Elevated histamine levels in the body
i. Build up of heavy metals in the brain
j. Brain damage from ETOH and drugs

So you can see, it is not so linear. So that is why drugs, among other reasons DO NOT WORK!

There is a lot research showing the manic-depressive people are highly sensitive to Actylcholine (carries messages to the brain). MD’s use lithium to decrease Acetylcholine transmission, but the side affects are endless. A natural substance that does the same things besides nutrition and lifestyle principles is Taurine. As well, bipolar people have been shown to have low B12, folic acid, slow uptake of inositol, are anemic, and have been shown to have higher levels of vanadium in their blood (research shows 80% of manic-depressive’s have these deficiences).

Not saying that I cure anything or anyone with mental disorders. What I use is lab testing to get to the bottom of why, nutraceutical grade supplements, herbs, mental/emotional techniques to healing self, as well as establish a line of communication with clients MD’s or Psychologists.


According to <a href="http://psycinfo2.apa.org/doi/index.cfm?doi=10.1037/1522-3736.5.1.533r" rel="nofollow">Dr. Irving Kirsch in Prevention & Treatment</a>, “there is now unanimous agreement that the mean difference between response to SSRI antidepressant drugs and response to inert placebo is very small. It is so small that, despite sample sizes involving hundreds of participants, 57% of the SSRI trials funded by the pharmaceutical industry failed to show a significant difference between drug and placebo. Most of these negative data were not published and were accessible only by gaining access to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documents. Various methods were used to manipulate the results of SSRI drug studies to insure a favorable outcome: 1) Responders to the placebo are eliminated at the beginning of the study. (Placebo washout) 2) Benzodiazepine sedatives were given to mask the SSRI induced agitation. 3) Unfavorable drug studies are buried in the file cabinet and not disclosed to the public. 4) Miscoding suicidal events as "emotional lability", and homicidal events as "aggression" to hide suicidal events from regulators. 5) False attribution of suicide to the placebo arm. 6) Hiring ghost writers to make the medical articles more favorable. 7) Cash settlements for SSRI drug litigants which seals records and withholds unfavorable drug studies from the public.