Fungal/Parasite Infection?

I have just started coaching a new client, who has presented with some symptoms which I would like some advice on. Having evaluated his HAQ, and on speaking with him, he has mentioned the following,
Rectal itching, as well as itching/redness around the upper lip and nostrils.
Poor short term memory
Decreased sex drive.

The client is a male in his early 30′s,active and outwardly physically fit, but are these symptoms are pointing me in the direction of a fungal/parasite infection which needs addressed?
Having not having dealt directly with a case before, apart from following the HLC principle with my client, can anyone pass on first hand experience of practical measures or tests that I can get my client to take.

Here is what I would do in this order:


1.       Make sure you he has all his HLC foundational principles in order. I feel most forget these and don’t understand why they are called FOUNDATIONAL HCL principles.

2.       I would start with the 4R gut healing program. Within the first phase (remove), I would run a test (401H from biohealth and/or GI 2 from diagnos-techs) for parasites, fungus, bacteria, SIga, 4 food intolerances, pH, etc. This will allow you to know what is going on in order to REMOVE them, if needed.

3.       After 3 months, begin with the second phase = replace, 3 months later = reinocculate, 3 months later = repair.

4.       I would find out as well, if the above plateaus or does not work, what is going on with his adrenals (I would test this with the gut, as they are connected through the HTAGGT axis) and amino acids.

5.       Remember, we just don’t get parasites, etc, we create the environment for them.


Joshua Rubin