I have been off gluten strictly for the past 8 months or so. I had it for the first time over the weekend (had a migraine and unfortunately wanted some bread just to have something in my stomach….bad idea). Since then, I have been somewhat dizzy. It feels kind of like being on a boat–swaying from side to side.

Could this be from the gluten? I’ve heard what happens in your gut happens in your brain, and I was curious if the two could be related.

ANSWER: Your dizziness is 100% from the gluten. The gut or sometimes called the Enteric Nervous System or Second Brain, actually has more neurons than the spinal cord. But for some reason people ignore it. Gluten can have a wide range of symptoms, but most will show up in the gut and the head. Gluten actually is converted into gluteomorphine in the brain, which can be highly addictive as well as cause excitotoxicity in the grey matter of the brain. That is why gluten is not only bad to eat, but it is so dangerous. It actually takes parts of the gut 9-12 months to heal, so unfortunately you are back to square one. To speed up the process I would take high doses (8000K) of Cod liver a day for 1 month, as well as take a product from Designs for health called GI Revive. After that, I would reinoccculate with a probiotic with FOS in it. Hope this helps!

Joshua Rubin