I have a new client who is a hospice nurse. She ca…

I have a new client who is a hospice nurse. She came from a very abusive and troubled family and has been vomiting since childhood when she had to go to school or travel. The only time this has abated is when she practiced yoga and meditation during college. She has begun this again, and combined with our EFT sessions the nausea, vomiting, and anxiety in general has stopped until this last week before she flew to Florida. She also has food intolerances, allergies to gluten and dairy, but has been following her MT Program religiously, while taking all her essential supplements plus adrenotate, and has improved noticeably. Her main symptoms are nausea and vommitting each day.”

Here is another spin on vomiting for you. If you feel your principles are not working, I would seek out a TCM. This type of pathology can easily be treated with herbs and acupuncture over time.

Taken from a post on the internet and I added certain things to it”

Vomiting is a common symptom involving a forcible expulsion of the contents of the stomach through the mouth due to adverse rising of stomach-qi. However, vomiting may serve as a protective mechanism to expel harmful materials from the stomach.

Vomiting is different from regurgitation and hiccup, although they are all disorders of the stomach characterized by adverse rising of stomach-qi.

Syndrome Differentiation and Therapeutic Principles
Vomiting of sthenia-syndrome is usually caused by exogenous evil or improper food intake and manifests itself with an acute onset and short course, while that of asthenia-syndrome is due to weakness and hypofunction of the spleen and stomach and manifests itself with an insidious onset and a prolonged course. The former should be treated with the principle of expelling evils, eliminating dampness, regulating the stomach and keeping the adverse qi downwards, and the latter by supporting the healthy qi through such means as warming middle jiao and regulating the stomach, benefiting the stomach and regulating middle jiao, etc.

Various types of diagnoses that cause vomiting:
A. Attack of exogenous evil on the stomach
Manifestations: Vomiting of sudden onset, fever, general aching, fullness and oppression of the chest and epigastium, white and greasy tongue coating and slow-floating pulse.

B. Retention of food
Manifestations: Vomiting of sour and putrid food, eructation, distension over the epigastrium and abdomen, anorexia, dyschesia with odorous tool, thick and greasy tongue coating and smooth and solid pulse.

C. Retention of phlegm
Manifestations: Vomiting of watery fluid, epigastric oppression, loss of appetite, dizziness, palpitations, white and greasy tongue coating and smooth pulse.

D. Liver-qi attacking the stomach
Manifestations: Vomiting, acid eructation, hiccups, distension over the chest and hypochondrium, red tongue with thin and greasy coating and wiry and smooth pulse.

E. Asthenia-cold of spleen and stomach
Manifestations: Intermittent vomiting, anorexia, pale complexion, fatigue, coldness of extremities, loose stool, pale and corpulent tongue and thready and weak pulse.

F. Insufficiency of stomach-yin
Manifestations: Frequent vomiting, retching, dryness of mouth and throat, hunger but without desire for eating, red and dry tongue and thready and rapid pulse.

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