Knee pain and dehydration?

have a 52 year old female client that enjoys road cycling during the
summer, with a 30-40 minute run once a week. Over the winter months
she does the occasional spin class. About six weeks ago she went on a
“bike vacation” where they road 30-50 miles a day for 5 days. On the
3rd night she started to have some knee pain and it has not really
gone away since then. It seems like rest is the only thing that will
alleviate the pain. In my opinion she is dehydrated and does not
drink enough water/”sport drink” while on the bike. For example, she
rode 42 miles this weekend and went thru less than 2 bottles because
she doesn’t like to stop on the ride to use the bathroom if she can
help it. The pain came back this weekend after the ride.

So, my question is, could the knee pain be caused from dehydration or
possibly hormonal change, given her age? She pretty much refuses to
do anything about it, other than complain to me.

There are many reasons for this:

  1. How is their overall posture and mechanics?
  2. Do they have any distortions?
  3. Did they get a proper bike fit?
  4. Have they been tested for their lactate threshold and over time are they fatiguing and compensating?
  5. Knee pain in TCM is usually due to Bi Syndrome (arthritis). It can be from heat, cold, damp or wind. Usually in the lower body it is from cold or damp. I would recommend covering the knee to keep it warm, using some heat linaments or trying some acupuncture.
  6. Try using Endurolyte capsules by Hammer to replenish electrolytes. This might help.
  7. Chris Maund recommends that  you can actually drink too much water which can deplete electrolyte stores. Sometime drinking less can actually help.

Joshua Rubin



Larry Austin
Larry Austin

Greetings, I would like to learn more about proper electrolyte balance. Is there a good article or website resource for proper hydration and electrolytes Thanks Larry