Let Food Be Thy Medicine

FOOD provides the body the resources it requires to maintain health…THIS is the purpose of eating!

The macronutrients we consume (carbohydrates, protein and fat) breakdown to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), which serve as the catalyst to every function in the body.

Provided this information, it becomes very clear how reasonable and logical it seems to be able to use food as supplementation and to heal the body. So then the question becomes, if this is so true and makes so much sense, why is it not working for the millions of people consciously striving for better health, with little (short lived) to no success?

Well…here is our answer:

Treating symptoms with cookie cutter protocols involving elimination diets, nutrient specific supplementation, diets involving an imbalance of macronutrients (ie. high protein/low carb, high fat, vegetarian, etc), detox programs, this food or that food, is a for sure quick and rapid fall down the rabbit hole!

What we eat, how we eat it and the amounts in which we eat are all determined by the rate of the body’s current metabolic state. This and only this can determine what any one body requires to heal.

Based on metabolic state…

You must give the body food it can digest.

You must give the body food in the proper balance to help manage blood sugar.

You must give the body the proper amounts to meet the demands of every day life based on that individual!

The only way to heal the body is by restoring how the cells are producing energy= metabolism. Approaching healing from the standpoint of “give the body what it needs and it will do the rest” moves us away from the symptom treatment “this for that” approach. Learning how to identify what the cells are expressing lets you know exactly what to do.

Eating digestible foods in support of metabolic health helps to begin reinforcing the bodies foundation. Replenishing nutrient deficiencies and taking stress off the system provides lasting energy and opportunity to heal!

Food before supplements! How do you know what your body is capable of without trying? Supplements should not be a consideration prior to establishing a more appropriate nutritional foundation. Establishing a strong nutritional foundation first will clarify whether additional support is necessary or not. Without the proper foundation, no supplement will be affective.

The vitamins and minerals listed below play essential roles in maintaining the health of the metabolism. Establishing a diet balanced in these nutrients from a variety of different sources will replenish your nutrient reserves and provide your body the resources it needs to heal!

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In Health and With Purpose,

Joshua and Jeanne Rubin

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