Life~Time~How do you do it?

Hi Josh,

I skim your posts on the Chek forum, as I do most other people’s posts. In between frantic checking of emails, quick scribbling of articles for my blog, clients, newsletter, on my way to train, or go to the market, or actually meet with some clients, and I always wonder -

How do you fit so much in? Do you work yourself into the night (which I can’t imagine, given the nature of your posts), or are you simply incredibly structured? Do you ever switch off?

Thanks for your indulgence.

ASNWER: That is a question that I get at least once a day from a CHEK Practitioner somewhere in or outside the US. I do appreciate your thoughts and the time you have taken to read my posts, thanks!

When it comes to life, I typically don’t focus on my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I have them. I do feel too many people focus on reaching their goals, instead of the way to their goals. It is somewhat like Taoism. I am a very structured person in which everything goes into my Palm Pilot schedule. That means eating, working out, qi gong, mtn biking, working with clients, typing for the CHEK forum, etc. If I did not have those things, which I consider the way to my goals, then I would never reach my goals.

I have a busy practice, write for websites, etc, do seminars, teach for the institute, am getting my Masters in Traditional Chinese medicine, plus much more. But the thing is we all have the same amount of stress or to do in a day. It comes down to how we adapt to it and take control of it. I feel 100% in control of my life 100% of the time.

At no time, do I ever prostitute myself of my time. I see clients from 9am and will not see anyone past 4pm. I have values, beliefs, rhythms, etc and I stick to them. They are the foundation to who I am. The more true I stay to myself, the more I can be myself, love life, love myself and the world just flows as I ride the wave.

We all at some point look externally to try to meet our needs with things we feel we have to do. I have done a lot of self growth, spiritual growth, physical growth, have finished the CHEK program, PPS program, etc. I am sure some have done the same. The difference I find is that I do not sit on info, I apply it to myself. I look within, to create the with-out!

Joshua Rubin


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Hi Josh: Awesome article on "Time-Life". I forwarded it to all my clients.