Migraines from Sweden

“I work as a Naprapath from Sweden. I have made a couple of female clients with really severe migraine that are relative young 20-30 years old. They have migraine 6 times a week. spinal manipulation and better diet (MT) have reduced the migraine to 3-4 times a week but we don’t seem to get any further?”

Here are my thoughts on migraines and you can do the rest of the research:

Dehydration: the first place the body steals water from when dehydrated is the CNS

Adrenal glands: high cortisol levels, as well as low can create headaches

Hormones: being estrogen dominant will and can create migraines

Detoxing can create headaches

A subluxed atlas can create headaches secondary to the muscles that attach to or near it and to the head. As well as the neurovascular tissues and dorsal/ventral tracks that run through it.

H.Pylori I have found is correlated with migraines. As well as other parasites. I do lots of testing with people that have chronic issues

Altered NT in the brain, amino acids in the body, etc can cause headaches.
Fungal infections can cause migraines.

Food allergies and intolerance’s are big causes. You can do a food allergy test through BioHealth.

Stress alone can cause headaches.

Having poor eating habits and being more hypoglycemic will create headaches.

When you have high levels of antibody’s to antigens in the body from an IgE and IgG response, when you go off those foods or eat them less, your body’s antigens will decline and large complexes form, lodge into tissues and elicit and inflammatory reaction. This can and will cause headaches.

Gluten creates a large amount of antibodies, stimulating GALT in SI, which has been shown to affect the white matter of the brain.

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