Numbness in the face

I’ve been experiencing this horrible tingle/numbness in my face and lips. It feels like a cobweb in my whole face specially my cheeks and around the lips. Can you tell me if they have had this and does anyone know what to do about it? This symptom is very scary.

  1. I would get a full CHEK Level 3 assessment to find out what is going on in your upper quarter. Their may be some nerve entraptment, etc. Go to www.chekinstitute.com and look for a practitoner in your area of give me or them a call.
  2. Nutritinoally, I would do a food elimination diet. As most foods that you are intolerant to, will cause erraditc symptoms such as this. When I eat gluten, sometimes the R side of my skull will go numb. Of course these days I don’t eat it, but in the past it was quite weird. As well, Richard Blaylock in the book Excitotoxins states that: there is 60-80% hydrolyzed vegetable protein in “natural products” (which is the code name for MSG) and that when MSG is converted to aspartate, etc, it kills off and shrinks dendrites/axons in the brain, damages the hypothalamus, etc which can lead to a wide variety of symptoms. I would re-evaluate what you are eating to see if there are any excitotoxins in them.
  3. Emotionally: Are you in a period in your life where you are growing and need to express yourself. But a part of you is scared to acknowledge this and let it out? In TCM, the lips are the flower of the SP/ST, which is correlated with worrying and overthinking.
  4. In TCM as well, numbness in the face is typically a wind pathogen that has entered the body. This causes issue with the Shao Yang (SI/UB) and Yang Ming (LI/ST) channels. Typically “wind” will cause qi and blood obstruction in these channels and cause numbness, etc in the face.

Joshua Rubin