PMS and Constipation

There are many things that may be going on. Here are some of my thoughts. Do some research and individualize what you think fits into your clients treatment plan.

1. Adrenal issues: The adrenal glands produce immunocytes for the gut that produce mucous to help coat the gut. It there is an adrenal dysfunction, this is how one can create GI problems, have GI problems during stress, etc.

2. I have found that women that are estrogen dominant, tend to get constipated around their cycle. I would test for this doing the BioHealth 207, 209, etc. But I find when they are and in the beginning of their cycle when estrogen is dominant (and they are already dominant), this causes a cortisol surge, which I find causes constipation. 

3. Dysbiosis: In Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipski she discusses the many various
types of dysbiosis, what causes them, their effects and how to treat them.
There are four types, but I will discuss one to give you some options.“Sensitization Dysbiosis occurs when the immune system reacts with abnormal or aggravated responses to the digestive process. Microbes in the gut and foods produce exotoxins that irritate the gut lining. Our bodies recognize these toxins as foreign substances and produce antibodies that signal the immune system to get rid of them. Unfortunately, this local reaction might be the cause of some autoimmune diseases. RA, ankylosing spondylitis, and
perhaps skin disease such as eczema and psoriasis are often the result.”

Lipski. 67. Fabulous book and a great read on the digestive system.

Most people with this type of dysbiosis usually have leaky gut, increased sensitivity to foods and the environment. Some of the other symptoms that she lists are acne, bowel or skin problems, connective tissue disease, and psoriasis. This type as well can be associated with another type of dysbiosis called Fermentation Dysbiosis which is characterized by bloating,
constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, and gas. Most people with this type over indulge on sugar, wine, beer, fruit, grains and fiber. It is the fermentation of all those carbs that provides the environment for the multiplication of all the bad bacteria in the gut. As well, all of this is
associated of course with Candida-FUNGUS!

You can do a gut healing protocol to start simple if you want before doing testing. This all depends on the client, their current stressors and their finances. If they need to start slow, start here. If not, start testing. There are lots of recs for gut healing protocols, here is what I do:

  1. High doses of Cod Liver oil (6-8g a day)
  2. Liquid aloe in the morning
  3. Glutamine (helps to heal the gut, but also reg insulin resistance)
  4. Biodophilis with FOS (Biotics)
  5. Liquid ginger or ginger tea
  6. Ashwaganda (Aryvedic herb that helps with inflammation)

As well, if she has an adrenal issue and you do this, it might take longer, plateau or it might have a hard time working.

4. In TCM, there are many reasons for constipation:

  1. LV overacting on SP/ST: You will usually see digestive problems, ST fire (bad breath, hunger, etc), constipation/diarrhea, fatigue, dizziness, etc
  2. Internal heat: Internal heat can come from a lot of areas: excess yang, LV yang rising, LV wind, ST heat, heat in the heart, etc. Most of the time when there is internal heat, but not always, it can be emotional. This is common and creates LV yang rising and LV overacting on SP/ST.
  3. Qi Deficiency: You can figure this one out. This can be from stress, dead food, bad air, stinkin thinking, etc.
  4. Blood Deficiency: Not literally in a western sense, but this is more in a TCM sense. This can happen from overuse/overworking, heat getting in the body and drying things up, altered menstrual cycles and bleeding to much, etc
  5. Yang Deficiency: This is when a person has aversion to cold, cold limbs, frequent pale urine, loose stools, dizziness, etc

There are tons of herb decoctions and acupuncture treatments that can help with this. Typically when a women (in TCM) gets constipated around their cycle, it is due to blood deficiency, which creates heat and dries things up. 

Joshua Rubin 


William Sole
William Sole

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