Real Food vs Supplements

Real Food vs Supplements

Regardless of all the differences of opinion in the world of health and nutrition, most can agree on one thing – whole foods are always going to be better then refined, processed foods. But when it comes to supplementation, even those striving to help others achieve health through a more “holistic” approach are attempting to do so using real food vs supplements. And we’re not talking about one or two supplements, we are talking 10, 15, we’ve even seen some people taking as many as 20 supplements at one time!!

Someone please explain how someone suffering from fatigue, hormonal disturbances, insomnia, COMPROMISED digestion, etc. benefit from this degree of supplementation when, we are going to say with the utmost confidence, they cannot even break down their food?!


Another undebatable fact would be the sole purpose of eating food is to fuel the body.

Vitamins and supplements, even when made from whole foods, cannot be taken apart or isolated from the whole and then expected to do the same job in the body as the whole complex is designed to do!


Here is the reality, we live in a world of quick fixes and the simplest, least painful, least amount of work approach to solving our problems. We get it. No one has any time and most are looking for health outside themselves. We need to feel better now and we are willing to do anything we need to do to accomplish this goal.

But here is the truth…

If we eat all the necessary foods, are exposed to enough sunlight, have a healthy digestive system and an efficient metabolism, we do not need to take supplements.real food vs supplements

Can some people benefit from a little additional support here and there? 100% but without a strong nutritional foundation, you’re wasting your money and time and might find yourself falling deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole.

Does it take more then eating “clean” and “healthy” foods? Yes, it does. It requires understanding yourself and the 5 essential keys to healing we discussed last week.

If you are ready to stop the madness and want to begin to building a solid nutritional foundation that supports you in your life, check out our Fight Fatigue With Food Online Program. It’s a very small investment for a HUGE return on investment and will teach you exactly how to use your food as medicine!

To talk to Josh or Jeanne schedule a quick and free 15 minute consultation to learn more about our packages.


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