“Shape Up” shoes…are you serious?

I have been waiting for someone to bring this up!

Thank-you for your great emails. I just want to ask you, I know how I feel about them, but what are your thoughts about those shoes by skeechers? The shape shoe. What the long term effects could result.

I personally feel, these “shape up” shoes are ridiculous and just another marketing plow geared towards making money while creating more dysfunction.  These shoes are just another way to mask and/or perpetuate underlying dysfunctions by doing all the work. Biomechanically, through gait, we always decelerate with pronation and accelerate with supination, these shoes take that out of the picture due to their rocking sole design they are known for.

Over time, this will have a profound affect all the way up the kinetic chain (ankles, knees, hips, spine) leading to injury. As well, most people, due to compensatory movement patterns developed as a result of pain avoidance, old injury, poor ergonomics at home and/or work, food intolerance, gut inflammation, etc are highly unlikely to have a properly functioning inner unit or “core.”

When you do not have the ability to properly recruit deep stabilizers (in my experience accounts for most), then we are automatically forced to recruit more global, superficial muscle groups.  Over time, you may continue to feel stronger, however, this is nothing but a false sense (as body will learn to adapt) and again, can lead to further injury. We strongly encourage stability before mobility in any workout program, whether the focus is in nutrition and lifestyle, or exercise and rehabilitation, the goal is always in creating a foundation on which to build.

Check out this article on the impact of different foot strikes!

Josh and Jeanne Rubin



Saw these last year when I was in NY - LMAO.Do you remember the Reebok ERS (Energy return system) whooa they were cool. I can not believe people buy into this crap..


Thanks for this - I work with someone who absolutely swears by these. Got them a couple of months ago and says he has seen & felt a huge difference since he started walking in them. Then I read the reviews and see nothing but raves. I'll spend my hundred dollars on my New Balance instead, thank you! :)