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Bowel Cancer

A friend’s husband has just been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Aside from following HLC protocols, I wondered what recommendations any of you might have in terms of treatment.   This is what I do and have done, but remember everyone is different: The 4R Gut Healing Program (remove, replace, reinocculate, repair) NLC principles Essential oils on the gut and certain acupuncture points daily Daily Qi gong flows Gut lab tests to see for parasites, bacterial, fungal, etc and food intolerances In TCM, bowel cancer is correlated with factors such as Qi Stasis, Blood Stasis, and Phlegm, are responsible for masses and abnormal cellular growth. These three types of stasis are thought to result from a variety of factors including emotional disharmony (which is said to cause stasis in the body), improper diet and exercise, and External Pathogenic Factors (which may remain in the body and cause stasis). In terms of … Continue Reading

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