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Antibiotics and Gastrointestinal Dysfunction!

Antibiotics create their damage in a number of different ways. This is a huge problem in our society as antibiotic use has been frantically prescribed for every infection and inflammation, particularly pediatric ear infection, bronchitis, and sore throat. Ironically, most of these infections are viral in nature, and not only are the antibiotics damaging, but they are ultimately unnecessary. Plain and simple, antibiotics should be considered a hospitalization level medicine and used only when bacteria have entered the blood, bone or organ! How do they create damage? 1. The first is by destroying beneficial bacteria. The small intestine and large intestine host over five hundred different kinds of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria perform hundreds of functions required for healthy metabolism and immune response. Through enzyme secretions, bacteria transform metabolic and microbial wastes (cellular debris, hormones, chemical wastes, bile, viral toxins, bacterial toxins, etc.) before they are discharged from the body. … Continue Reading

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Oregano Oil- The Antibiotic Alternative

Before we embark on our exploration of oregano oil as an antibiotic alternative there are few things we must get straight!  First, start thinking prevention; 80% of the factors that surround your lifestyle are within your control.  What is so great is that you can start today simply by considering what you are putting into your body.  Over 2 million cells are being replaced per second in your body and the only fuels they have to rebuild and repair, your temple, are the ones you provide it! If you are someone seeking out healthy alternatives in the way of your health, starting here is great, however you will have some choices to make! Second, take a look around…people are sick; Americans have become so detached from the very temple they exist in, that all too often, symptoms of underlying infections such as skin issues (cirrhosis, eczema, etc.), asthma, congestion, Candida, … Continue Reading

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