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Supplemental Benefits of Orange Juice

  The picture below is an old recipe I found while thumbing through my mothers old recipes. To my delight I discovered this recipe had been handed down to my mother from her mother who had received it from her mother, so on and so forth and was used to nurse children and adults back to health from the common cold or flu! The reason it caught my attention was because it shares many similarities to a recipe we recommend to heal the metabolism and help in restoring health in the body. So you can imagine my delight when I was told what it had been used for! Most people would look at this recipe and shy away from it, rightfully so considering the confusion around sugar and even salt.  For me, this fun little discovery has been confirmation to my already concrete belief of how complicated we have made … Continue Reading

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Food Combining

The discomforts of indigestion are so common in today’s society that indigestion is almost considered normal. The fact that over 2 billion dollars are spent each year on antacids is proof of this. Rather than using drugs to suppress symptoms, wouldn’t it be wiser to remove the causes of indigestion? Food combining is based on the theory that different food groups require different digestion times.  Digestion is helped the most by using foods which have roughly the same digestion time. When you eat proteins like poultry, fish, meat, and eggs, your stomach secretes hydrochloric acid and the enzyme pepsin to break down the food in a highly acidic environment. When you eat starches like potatoes or bread, your stomach secretes the enzyme ptyalin (also known as salivary amylase) to create an alkaline condition. If you eat proteins and starches together, they tend to neutralize each other and inhibit digestion. The … Continue Reading

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