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Sucker Punch: Paul Chek by Bryan Krahn

Many have adopted the expression “turn disaster into opportunity” during the latest economic recession. After my recent interview with educator, author, speaker, and exercise expert Paul Chek, I had the opportunity to find out exactly what that expression meant. My one-hour conversation with Paul Chek was just coming to a close when I suddenly realized that my voice recorder wasn’t, well, recording voices. Fortunately, I’d taken notes; 20 feverish pages of them, in fact. But Paul Chek, one of the most controversial, outspoken figures in the industry today, isn’t exactly known for speaking in short, MTV-friendly sound bites. Paul Chek is a man on a mission and when he speaks, his words reflect that. He is unapologetic in his belief that many “modern” approaches to health care are either misguided, flat-out wrong, or agenda-driven practices designed solely to pump up the bank accounts of the big pharmaceutical machine. Because of … Continue Reading

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