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H.Pylori and what to do?

Have you had any experience of working with clients that have the H Pylori parasite? My client does not want to take the several different types of medication that she has been given and would prefer a more natural solution. First thing, HP is a bacteria and not a parasite. It is handled differently as well. There are many schools of thought on whether to even treat this and some base it on symptoms alone. I have found the common symptoms to be bloating, gas, diarrhea/constipation, loss of appetite, bad breath, belching, migraines, ulcers and GERD. There is also research to show that most get it from raw chicken and fish, but now some are saying you can get it from sexual fluids. Long term ownership of HP in your gut has been shown to cause cancer in the GI system.   What HP does when it gets into the gut, it actually buries … Continue Reading

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