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Numbness in the face

I’ve been experiencing this horrible tingle/numbness in my face and lips. It feels like a cobweb in my whole face specially my cheeks and around the lips. Can you tell me if they have had this and does anyone know what to do about it? This symptom is very scary. I would get a full CHEK Level 3 assessment to find out what is going on in your upper quarter. Their may be some nerve entraptment, etc. Go to www.chekinstitute.com and look for a practitoner in your area of give me or them a call. Nutritinoally, I would do a food elimination diet. As most foods that you are intolerant to, will cause erraditc symptoms such as this. When I eat gluten, sometimes the R side of my skull will go numb. Of course these days I don’t eat it, but in the past it was quite weird. As well, Richard … Continue Reading

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