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PMS and Constipation

There are many things that may be going on. Here are some of my thoughts. Do some research and individualize what you think fits into your clients treatment plan. 1. Adrenal issues: The adrenal glands produce immunocytes for the gut that produce mucous to help coat the gut. It there is an adrenal dysfunction, this is how one can create GI problems, have GI problems during stress, etc. 2. I have found that women that are estrogen dominant, tend to get constipated around their cycle. I would test for this doing the BioHealth 207, 209, etc. But I find when they are and in the beginning of their cycle when estrogen is dominant (and they are already dominant), this causes a cortisol surge, which I find causes constipation.  3. Dysbiosis: In Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipski she discusses the many various types of dysbiosis, what causes them, their effects and … Continue Reading

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