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What The Hell Do You Mean I Should Not Eat Salad?

Lets face it…although we as humans are capable of eating everything that is presented to us as “healthy” does not mean that we are capable of digesting it. There is no faster way to alter human physiology then by altering the function of the GI system. Considering that we are nothing more then an open tube from mouth to anus, it can become very clear how simple it might be to alter this internal environment and leaving us more susceptible to the elements. We have to begin to recognize that it is the elements against us. Dirty air, dirty water and dirty soil are just a few reasons we are witnessing such a huge decline in health. It is these very things that disrupt the very systems  designed to protect us. The health of our GI system plays a huge role and dictates our level of health and vitality. It … Continue Reading

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