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“Shape Up” shoes…are you serious?

I have been waiting for someone to bring this up! Thank-you for your great emails. I just want to ask you, I know how I feel about them, but what are your thoughts about those shoes by skeechers? The shape shoe. What the long term effects could result. I personally feel, these “shape up” shoes are ridiculous and just another marketing plow geared towards making money while creating more dysfunction. ┬áThese shoes are just another way to mask and/or perpetuate underlying dysfunctions by doing all the work. Biomechanically, through gait, we always decelerate with pronation and accelerate with supination, these shoes take that out of the picture due to their rocking sole design they are known for. Over time, this will have a profound affect all the way up the kinetic chain (ankles, knees, hips, spine) leading to injury. As well, most people, due to compensatory movement patterns developed as … Continue Reading

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