The Importance Of Colostrum

I have been recommended to drink raw colostrum over milk. What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk produced by the breasts during late pregnancy and for a few days after childbirth. It provides a nursing infant with essential nutrients (B12 being one of them) and infection-fighting antibodies, as well as assists in helping the child pass early stools (aids in excretion of bilirubin and helps prevent jaundice). Breastfeeding and the importance of it is another entire topic in its own. There are many schools of thought on if you should, for how long, etc.

The Colostrum the sell in the store comes from cows or sheep. It is difficult to find, but out here in California you can buy it at any health food store. As well, you can purchase it online at www.mercola.com. Be careful because a lot of the product in the store is pasteurized, homogenized and not organic. This defeats the entire purpose of taking it. So make sure if you buy it you purchase raw colostrums.

Your colostrum provides not only perfect nutrition tailored to the needs of your newborn, but also large amounts of living cells which will defend your baby against many harmful agents. The concentration of immune factors is much higher in colostrum than in mature milk.
Colostrum is also beneficial for:
1. GI Dysfunctions (leaky gut, dysbiosis, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, etc)
2. Contains a high concentrate of leukocytes which are protective white cells which destroy disease causing bacteria and viruses
3. Strengthening the Immune System
4. Providing B12So the bottom line is yes it is a beneficial part of a clients “healing” program. It all depends on what is going on with your client and what you got out of there assessments. If you are just saying to yourself that it sounds good for them and you have not done any Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessments, than you are just guessing! In the healing process, it is great of the items listed above. It can get quite pricey to buy all the time and there are other alternatives. Leading a holistic lifestyle and following some basic principles are just as important as the colostrum.

Heartburn Home Remedy
Heartburn Home Remedy

I follow your posts for a long time and should tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

Tom H
Tom H

Your quote below leaves out the main quality criterion of colostrum: "Be careful because a lot of the product in the store is pasteurized, homogenized and not organic. This defeats the entire purpose of taking it. So make sure if you buy it you purchase raw colostrums." Id est: Non pasteurized colostrum may contain infectious mycobacterium and other infectious bacteria. Additionally carefully pasteurized colostrum is minimally degraded. The primary marker of quality colostrum is harvest time post parturient. RE: You say that I missed the main criterion of colustrom??????????? I don't care what it is, if something is pasteurized, homogenized, etc, it is dead food. It could of and most likely was living prior to being denatured, but afterwards it is a dead food. Do you pasteurize your breast milk? I don't think so. Everyting within our loving universe is living. It us our society who decides to turn it into dead food secondary to fear. What we continue to persist upon, will resist. So we are all entitled to our own opinion, but I would do your research on pasteurization, homogenization, GMO foods, microwaves, etc. With love and qi! Joshua Rubin PS. Tom it is interesting, kind of like research, you are commenting on colustrum and talking about/backing a product that you sell? When we all are in this together and stop chasing the $, then love and understanding for life will prevail.