The Metabolic Blueprint Cookbook

Well, the time has come. In less than 24hrs The Metabolic Blueprint Cookbook will be for sale! All the hours of blood sweat and tears are going to finally pay off when we get to share this great introduction or “Start Up Guide” to The Metabolic Blueprint based on Ray Peat’s work with everyone! We hope you all enjoy it!


The Metabolic Blueprint Cookbook is one of a kind, must-read – 100+ page (119 pages to be exact:) packed with factual information – from the basics on macro nutrients to defining what foods were designed for human consumption, to understanding how foods can heal your metabolism. More than ever before, people around the world are becoming increasingly health-minded – conscientious of the foods they eat and focusing on establishing a proper dietary regimen. However, nutritional myths currently flood the information super highway.


” The industrialization of food has degraded the actual materials that are available, but it’s still possible, with a cookbook such as this, to have a healthful, varied and enjoyable diet.” -Ray Peat PhD.


East West Healing and Performance created The Metabolic Blueprint Program in order to educate people about the human body so people can begin to heal themselves. This cookbook is an extension of that! Authors Jeanne Rubin and Josh Rubin combine their expertise with unique METABOLIC recipes to prove that getting healthy and eating healthy does not have to be challenging or boring.


1. The Basics: Understanding Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats, Coconut Oil, Gelatin, Salt, Calcium, Dairy and Food List

2. Staple recipes: Coconut mayonnaise, roasted garlic, homemade sweetened condensed milk….and much more!

3. Gelatin/Jello/Custard recipes

4. Drinks, Shakes and Smoothy recipes

5. Egg recipes

6. Vegetables/Salads/Snack recipes

7. Marrows and Broth recipes

8. Shellfish/Fish recipes

9. Meat recipes

10. Deserts and Treat recipes

11. Home-made Ice Cream recipes

…….and much more!

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