The Power of Nutrition: Experience

Every day Josh and I are confronted with individuals suffering from symptoms severe enough to reduce the quality of life. Individuals seeking out answers they simply cannot seem to find while spending thousands of dollars along the way only to find themselves worse off or the same. Our purpose in bringing this into discussion is motivated by how astonishingly common this very scenario is.

images2Recently I received an email from Chris Sandel, a fellow practitioner and boyfriend of Ali, my client.

Chris, who understands and has experienced the power of nutrition in his own personal practice, shared he had written a couple articles detailing Ali’s experiences of her recent journey.

Although I was aware of Ali’s story having had the opportunity to work with her, I felt very strongly about sharing it with the world because I feel the world needs stories like these. Ali’s story is inspiring and shares many similarities to the above scenario. Not only do I feel many will find it very relatable I feel it offers possibility and hope.

The more aware we can become about what our bodies need and take the time to explore this, the more empowered we become in the ability to thrive. 

Thank you for sharing this with us Chris!

Case Study Part 1: My Girlfriend

Case Study Part 2: My Girlfriend

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