Unexplainable Seizures

I have a client who just recently at 40 years of age, started having seizures??

Here are my thoughts that you might want to look into:

  1. Parasite, bacterial and fungal testing
  2. I have seen videos and read research cases on people who have seizures from eating gluten. Gluten actually is turned into gluteomorphine in the gut, which has a negative affect on the gut/brain/gut brain. For one, that is why gluten is so addictive, but it also has been shown to affect the gray matter of the brain in a negative way. Besides all the NLC info, I would do a food elimination diet with her, especially with all types of gluten. Not just grains, but gluten is in MANY sauces, condiments, etc.

Joshua Rubin


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caleb bouma
caleb bouma

Josh, I have an eighteen year old friend who has unexplainable seizures. They have not been able to diagnose her. She falls unconscious and starts shivering for minutes. I think she needs to try eliminating gluten because she is getting so bad we are worried that she might die from it. But she is already intolerant to dairy and red meat and more. How could she get rid of gluten when grain products are one of the only things she feels she can eat?? She would have to limit her diet so much that she will die of malnutrition! Please Help.