Adrenal Fatigue = Chronic Blood Sugar Imbalance

Chronic imbalances in your blood sugar result in Adrenal Fatigue (AF).

What causes blood sugar imbalances?

  • Chasing your tail from one day to the next
  • Missing meals
  • Over exercising
  • Under exercising
  • Low calories diets and finally,
  • Low carbohydrate diets

How does this happen?

Your body requires fuel to burn, and when it does not have fuel (ie. low blood sugar) your adrenal glands are forced to release stress hormones into your blood stream as a way of increasing your blood sugar.

By design this is a very natural process intended to help maintain glucose homeostasis. Unfortunately in this day and age the stress is outweighing the resources and people are living in chronic states of blood sugar imbalance.

If your struggling with all the hallmark symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue, there is a 99.99% chance it’s because your body has NO stored energy and you are stuck in a state of SURVIVAL.

If you are continue to live in this survival state, your stress hormones will be chronically elevated increasing the demand on the adrenal glands. Overtime your adrenal glands will not be able to keep up and you will fall deeper into dis-ease and potentially a diagnosis.

Restoration Thyroid Nutrition Food Strategy is designed to teach you how to take the burden off the adrenals, by giving your body the right metabolic food, at the right time and in the perfect balance to increase thyroid hormone conversion and therefore energy production. Essentially we teach you how to do for the body what it cannot do for itself…until it can.

Humans are highly adaptable, meaning, just as we adapt into a state of chronic stress (when given the right environment), we can just as easily adapt out of stress (when given the right environment).

With a little work on your part we can help you develop your perfect food strategy and take you from surviving to thriving in no time!

To learn more about how food strategy can work for you and your adrenals, contact Josh and Jeanne to schedule a quick chat!

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