Best Plantain Pancake Recipe

Best Plantain Pancake Recipe

Here’s the deal…when taking conscious steps to rebuild you health by making dietary changes it is imperative that you meet BOTH your emotional AND physical needs. Finding balance in everything you do is essential to creating any form of sustainable health in your life.

One of the most common complaints we hear is how bored people get with the foods they are eating. Well, to begin, we have been studying food logs for over 10 years now and there is no doubt this could be true because most people, on average, are only consuming a total of 7 different foods week to week! I will tell you right now, if this was true for me, I would be loaded with resentment and anger!

Any of you that know our work, know this is not going to fly! The success we have with the people we work with is 100% due to using food as supplementation and there is no way any one person is going to be successful in retaining the nutrition they need to heal from eating 7 foods!

So how do we get out of this vicious cycle of limiting ourselves from the things we enjoy because we are afraid they are not “part of the diet?” Simple. First you have to ask yourself, “what do I like to eat?” Then you create a meal that meets that need using food sources in support of your health goals and healing process.

For example, I LOVE Mexican food. I could eat Mexican food at every meal, every day of the week and be perfectly content. BUT…in all honesty, Mexican food includes a lot of foods not necessarily supportive to my metabolic health, sooooo…I modify the recipes to work for me!

This You Tube is a perfect example of this!

Instead of using a plain ole corn tortilla as our base, we got creative, upped the nutritional value and created this AMAZING plantain pancake.

Unlike the traditional corn tortilla, whose nutritional value is not completely lacking, the plantain comes in hard and strong with way more bang for your buck! Plantains are loaded with vitamin C, Vitamin A, B6 and moderate levels of folates, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin. And it does not end there. Plantains also contain important minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and a butt load of potassium; an essential mineral to maintaining healthy adrenal glands!

For more insight on how to use food as supplementation, check out The Metabolic Blueprint Cookbook! It is loaded with nutrient dense ideas to help get you started on rebuilding your foundation.

P.S. These are also work great as a top and bottom to a sandwich or burger!

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  1. Nicholas

    thanks! looking forward to trying these out to see if they work for me. it really is amazing the power the mind can have in creating supposed food intolerances.

    September 4, 2015 • 11:45 am •
  2. Guys that looks kinda awesome! Can’t wait to try it. Will hit you back when i do for sure.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

    September 4, 2015 • 4:49 pm •
  3. Shannon

    Great idea! Gives a little motivation to think out of the box with food and be more creative!

    September 5, 2015 • 11:43 am •