Candida Overgrowth: Myths vs Facts

Candida Overgrowth Myths and Facts

Myth: Candida overgrowth is a sign of illness.

FACT: Candidiasis isn’t the cause of illness. It is the outcome of a suppressed immune system from a bad diet, overuse of antibiotics or serious illness.

Myth: You need to eradicate and eliminate candida to get healthy.

FACT: Candida albicans is a normal part of the gastrointestinal flora present in 40-65% of the human population with no harmful effects. So trying to completely kill it, would be equate to trying to kill oneself!

Myth: Candida feeds on “sugar” so you must eliminate all sugar, most veggies, fruits, etc from you diet.

FACT: Candida feeds on estrogen and “sugar.” If we go on a  Candida Diet, we are actually starving candida, allowing it to overgrow. Humans eat food, you would never try to take food away from a human would you! Being in a hypo-metabolic state, hypothyroid, etc the bodies first line of defense (sIgA) is actually suppressed. Certain things such as unsaturated fats (which are yeast stimulants), the inability to detox estrogen and not eating the right fruits and veggies all suppress mitochondrial respiration (leading to lactic acid production), decreased thyroid production, Vit A deficiency’s, an overburden on the liver, increased cortisol production (to increase blood glucose), which all decrease sIgA levels, metabolism and allow candida to sink their filaments deeper into the intestine.

Myth: “Sugar” causes candida.

FACT: First we have to define what sugar we are talking about. A standard american diet of bread, pasta, etc of course. But we have worked with many people who eat for their MT, are vegetarian, are Paleo, etc and per a lab…have an overgrowth. A deficiency in sIgA from blood sugar handling issues, from not eating enough of the right “sugar,” and from eating a diet high in unsaturated fats all stimulate candida overgrowth.

Myth: Candida causes gut problems.

FACT: Of course it does, but it is the branch of a deeper rooted issue…..a damaged metabolism. Normally candida emits ethanol which keeps it quite happy. When your thyroid is deficient, the antibodies you need to protect your membranes is deficient. Now candida will exude an aldehyde secretion which causes the epithelial cells of the small intestine to shrink. This allows toxins to filtrate through the epithelium and into the blood. This can lead to an entire array of problems. So heal your metabolism and heal your health!

Myth: You must take supplements to eradicate candida.

FACT: sIgA is the main antibody on surfaces and secretions that should protect you against an overgrowth. When we are estrogen dominant, eat a diet high in unsaturated fats, a low carb or high protein diet, etc certain things like cortisol, adrenaline, estrogen, serotonin, etc will all overburden the liver and prevent T4 to T3 conversion. This will damage your metabolism, alter pH in the entire GI system, suppress the immune system (through lowering sIgA) and stimulate yeast overgrowth. A diet high in milk, cheese, liver, broth, white fish and shellfish, tropical fruits and roots will provide enough balance to heal your metabolism. It is not about what you can take, it is about what you need to eliminate or change that is creating immune system suppression. Taking supplements are just a band-aid!

Myth: Thrush is a sign of an overgrowth.

FACT: Your mouth contains high amounts of sIgA and lactoferin which are protective against candida overgrowth. When you metabolism is suppressed, as is your first line of defense and your membranes become susceptible. So thrush is a sign of a weakened immune system and a damaged metabolism, allowing poor digestion which affects the mouth. Leukoplakia is sometimes mistaken for thrush. Rinsing with baking soda or a little powdered sulfur typically does the trick.

This is not another “DIE-t” but a guide (FREE download) in helping you define exactly what you need to support yourself nutritionally, increase energy and live the life you desire!


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  1. I have an over growth of yeast in my ears. At first (over a year ago) my ears started cracking and itching and as a result were puffy and red. When I visited my dermatologist she just gave me a steroid ointment and lotion samples and said, “oh well”, just apply this when it flairs up and that should do it. I asked how we make it go away and she said we can’t. That response never pleased me and made me realize conventional medicine just wants to give us a bandaid in the form of pharma and send us on our way. I want to solve the underlying problem. What are your thoughts about topical external yeast over growth?

    February 3, 2012 • 2:23 pm •