Coffee Jellow Shots


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Coffee Jello Shots:(Yields:12 bite-size pieces)Coffee jello shots are a new fun, innovative and convenient approach to your morning or afternoon coffee.  Homemade condensed milk is recommended for this recipe however raw heavy cream can be used in place.Ingredients:
2 1/2 T. great lakes unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup water
2 cups  brewed organic coffee
1 cup homemade sweeten condensed milk
1/3 cup organic cane sugar-(Use only if you don’t use the condensed milk)
1 cup raw heavy cream  or milk. (Use only if you don’t use the condensed milk)Instructions:
In a bowl, mix the water and gelatin together with a fork to help incorporate it. Allow the gelatin to bloom for 10 minutes.
Heat the coffee in small pot, add the gelatin and stir till it dissolves.
Add the condense milk.
**If you don’t use condensed milk, use the cream and sugar instead.
Pour the coffee mixture in 8×9 pyrex dish and let it set to cool. Place in the refrigerator  for at least 4 hours.
Cut into desired pieces.1 Serving:
Calories 86
Carb: 13.9 grams
Protein: 5 grams

Fats: 4 grams
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