fightfatigueFight Fatigue With Food Online E-Course

Fatigue is one of the most common reasons people seek our health care. Some do not have enough energy to work out at the end of the day. Some feel much better when they do work out. Some people do not have enough energy to go out after work and socialize. Others lack the energy to clean house or walk the dog or complete tasks required at work. And some just plain feel tired most of the time despite how much sleep they get or how well they eat.

How can it be so different for everyone? Simple, because we are all so different.

There are many reasons why one can have low energy. We eat to provide our body with fuel to function. Perhaps the foods you are eating (even if they are “healthy”) are not optimal for your body. Sometimes people experience sensitivities or even allergies to certain foods. Eating these foods can be a drain on your system. Perhaps there is an issue with your thyroid gland or some other hormonal issue. Perhaps there is an emotional component to your low energy. Perhaps all the above are true. Bottom line…there can be many reasons why you feel so tired.

Fight Fatigue With Food was designed to help you discover and understand the very reasons you are tired and run down while helping you discover what your body needs to thrive. In this step-by-step process you are going to learn everything you need to develop the perfect diet to support your energy needs while also providing the foundation for healing and life long health.

“I struggled for years with insomnia and chronic fatigue. I could barely drag my body through my day, let alone have the energy to workout. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t focus. I was at a really low point. Working with East West Healing and their Fight Fatigue With Food Program was like “flipping a switch” and within days it was like the life force started flowing through my body again.”- Susan A.

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