Hyperthyroidism Checklist

We have a vast history of working with people with “hypothyroidism” and rarely ever talk about clients that we worked with that had hyperthyroidism.

First of all, we feel that hyperthyroidism is rare.

Secondly, we feel that it is commonly misdiagnosed when people really have “hypothyroidism”

And lastly, most people that are taking thyroid medications when they don’t need them are actually “self” inducing a “hyperthyroid” state.

Lets get all nerdy and scientific for a few here….

In a hyperthyroid situation:

  • low TSH
  • normal T3
  • high high T4
  • rT3

The reason T4 is so high is because there is damage to the cells of the thyroid, which release T4 into the blood stream. The excess T4 is converted into rT3.

The reason the T3 is normal is because the body is jamming on the metabolic breaks to protect itself from excessive stimulation. In some situations T3 can become high as well.

It is always important to measure thyroid anti-bodies and to get a rT3 reading as well.

In the early stages there is cell destruction (sometimes gland) causing spillage of T4 into the blood stream leading to a hyperthyroid effect. The body reacts to this by trying to lower T4. It does this by lowering the output of TSH from the pituitary as a compensatory mechanism.

This “hypermetabolic” effect stresses out the adrenals and can lead to more thyroid suppression.

How does the body deal with this?

It deals with this “hypermetabolic” state by reducing the conversion of T4 to T3 and increasing T4 into rT3.

Pretty simple….it is equivalent to jamming on the breaks in a car that is going to fast.

In summary, if you suspect yourself of being hyperthyroid, first confirm it with a lab test. For those of you truly suffering with hyperthyroidism we encourage you to use our check list above to assist in your treatment plan.

P.S. No medications are needed and nutrition can 100% heal true hyperthyroid situations.

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