Increased Serotonin and Pancreatitis

By Ray Peat PhD: Serotonin and estrogen have many systematically interrelated functions, and women are much more likely to suffer from depression than men are. Serotonin and histamine are increased by estrogen, and their activation mimics the effects of estrogen. Serotonin is closely involved in mood disorders, but also in a great variety of other problems that affect women much more frequently than men. These are probably primarily energy disorders, relating to cellular respiration and thyroid function. Liver disease and brain disease, e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, are both much more common in women than in men, and serotonin and estrogen strongly affect the energetic processes in these organs. Liver disease can increase the brain’s exposure to serotonin, ammonia, and histamine. It isn’t just a coincidence that these three amines occur together and are neurotoxic; they are all stress-related substances, with natural roles in signaling and regulation.

Serotonin inhibits mitochondrial respiration. Excitoxic death of nerve cells involves both the limitation of energy production, and increased cellular activation. Serotonin has both of these actions.

In hibernating animals, the stress of a declining food supply causes increased serotonin production. In humans and animals that don’t hibernate, the stress of winter causes very similar changes. Serotonin lowers temperature by decreasing the metabolic rate. Tryptophan and melatonin are also hypothermic. In the winter, more thyroid is needed to maintain a normal rate of metabolism.

Increased serotonin interferes with the consolidation of learning. Hypothermia has a similar effect. Since estrogen increases serotonergia, and decreases body temperature, these effects help to explain the long-observed interference of estrogen with learning.

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(1) Serotonin stimulates cortisol

(2) Down regulates the thyroid by lowering CO2 levels

(3) Puts you in a state of hibernation

(4) Highly excitatory

(5) Causes vascular and GI leakiness

(6) Causes cell proliferation (tumor growth)

(7) Stimulates small intestine and inhibits large intestine, causes nausea, anxiety, reduced urination, muscle and joint pain, calcification in arteries, etc

(8) Estrogen promotes serotonin and progesterone protects against it

(9) Darkness stimulates production, where light down regulates it


Plasma serotonin level is a reliable marker of acute appendicitis, especially in the first 48 hours.

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