Long term healthy weight loss

Everybody wants to achieve long term health weight loss!

This explains very well why ALL, not some or most, straight up ALL nutrition programs exploit weight loss or more so the human emotion attached to looking a certain way. If I look a certain way I will be accepted. “When I lose the weight I will be able to accept me, therefore they¬†(insert whoever your “they” may be) can accept me.”

Your success is measured entirely by a number on the scale.¬† The number goes down, the diet is working and somehow this equates to be healthier! If you don’t succeed you then fail and to make matters even worse the very energy you need to lose the weight you are being denied!

A calorie by definition is a measurement of energy -food energy. Most foods being recommended in a weight loss program come from low calorie foods, meaning they have low energy. We need energy for our bodies to function! The last thing we want is to do is restrict our energy supply to satisfy a number on a scale!

The logic is ass backwards and the consequences staggering.

As the brilliant Dr. Diane Schwarzbein states, “You cannot lose weight to get healthy you must get healthy to lose weight.”– Diane Schwarzbein.

We could not agree more!

In the video below we talk about how to get your body out of chaos and back into a state where real healing can happen – systems can be restored and you can finally reach your healthy weight!

Never forget your body is healthy and able. Its simply up to you to tune in enough to your own body to explore what may be affecting you and limiting your healing potential.


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