Powered By Gelatin

Powered By Gelatin

Gelatin is a powerful, super diverse power protein loaded with 18 of the 21 amino acids with proline and glycine playing star roles in the many health benefits associated with the use and consumption of gelatin. It is derived from collagen- the basic structure of all skin, tendon, bone, membrane and  connective tissue in the human body, and of all our fellow vertebral friends in the animal kingdom. 

It is a main staple in our lives and as once suggested by a South American proverb, “Good broth can resurrect the dead,” and this is not far from true! Gelatin has stood the test of time and for good reason, alot of which we are going to share with you.

What you need to know about gelatin

Gelatin is void of tryptophan and cysteine and only contains trace amounts of methionine, making it an incomplete protein, but because it lacks these amino acids it also makes it a very non-inflammatory amino acid and extremely essential under hypometabolic conditions. The more deficient the metabolic state of the body, the more compromised the digestive system.


Research study, after research study shows the effects of stress and/or aging (keep in mind they parallel one another) on the production of hydrochloric acid. Couple this with inadequate protein consumption and we can begin to see how the inability to digest protein is contributing to the decline in health and vitality that is all too commonplace these days. For many…oh who are we kidding, for most, gelatin in combination with other foods provides valuable additional nutrition when balanced with other proteins in the diet. The amino acids in gelatin, like all amino acids, can only be properly utilized when the diet contains sufficient fat-soluble vitamins A and D, found exclusively in animal fats.

As Sally Fallon stresses in “Nourishing Traditions”, “we cannot stress too highly that animal protein foods- meat, eggs and milk- always come with fat and this is how we should eat them. Animal fat supplies vitamin A and D needed for the assimilation of protein…animal fats and gelatin rich bone broths spare protein, which means that meat goes a lot further when eaten in a broth or combined with animal fat.”

A list of  benefits of gelatin

In addition to the above mentioned, the health benefits of gelatin are endless, and although most of you may already have a good idea of the power behind gelatin we listed a few as a good reminder as to why you might benefit from adding this staple into your diet.

  • Gelatin is essential to the health and vibrancy of your skin, hair and nails.
  • The amino acids (particularly glycine) in gelatin stimulate gastric secretions aiding in overall digestive recovery and health
  • The amino acid glycine, found in high amounts in gelatin, is essential to glucogenesis or the manufacturing of blood glucose.
  • Gelatin aids the liver in detoxification of chemicals and is essential to the synthesis of glutathione, an essential antioxidant necessary in the prevention of cellular damage.
  • Gelatin assists in wound healing
  • Gelatin reduces arthritic pain
  • Gelatin can improve the digestion of milk and other dairy products
  • Gelatin spares muscle tissue under severe catabolic conditions such as fasting or rapid weight loss

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BUT…it doesn’t end there! Gelatin can be used for multiple purposes some of which include:

  • Delicious, easy to store, on the go snacks like marshmellows, gummy candies, coffee jello shots…jello shots..haha, just kidding! Check out our Metabolic Blueprint Cookbook for all these delicious yummies!
  • The best, most simple and affordable hair treatments. You will need 1 tbsp of gelatin (collagen hydrolysate- green can), 1/2 cup of hot water and 1 tsp apple cider vinegar. Dissolve the gelatin in the water and add the apple cider vinegar. After the mixture has cooled slightly, apply to hair, paying special attention to the ends. Place a shower cap on and for added effects, heat a wet towel in the microwave and wrap your head. Leave this on for 20-30 minutes, if you wish you can go as long as 40 minutes. Wash your hair as usual and wahla! Gorgeous hair!
  • Blackhead remover and/or skin tightening mask. This will give you a youthful glow you will not believe. Just look at how beautiful Josh’s skin looks!


Why not all gelatins are the same

Most commercial gelatins are brewed exclusively from pigskins or cowhide and so include no cartilage or bones. To receive the greatest therapeutic benefits it is important to use collagen from pasture raised resources or by making gelatin at home using skins, cartilage and bones from organic chicken or meat.

**Whatever form of gelatin you use, it should never be cooked or reheated in the microwave. Microwaving, although easy and quick, changes the chemical structure and function of the amino acids in gelatin. In short, microwaving gelatin turns a super food into a toxin.

As Dr. Pottenger was to say: “ A bog pot stock is the most important gift a bride could receive.” (ha..I thought that was cute;))

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  1. Rose D'Acquisto

    Great information, thank you! I’ve been using in smoothies and such. Now I can’t wait to try in other ways, like the hair treatment!

    October 8, 2015 • 11:02 am •
  2. Rebecca

    You are crazy…thanks for the laugh..and the informative videos!

    October 8, 2015 • 12:34 pm •
  3. Lori

    HaHaHaHa!!!! So fun to laugh like that in the morning!!! But I thiink Jeanne shoulld have been in on this one…her skin is sooooo gorgeous!

    Does the Green can work just as well on the face mask?

    Would applying the hair treatment while sitting in the infrared sauna have the same effect as the hot towel?

    Great tipss! Can’t wait to try!

    October 9, 2015 • 6:51 am •
  4. Josh Rubin

    What, my skin isn’t enough for you:). I mention using the red can, cause, that is the one you have to use. If you use the green, it will not work. Have fun!

    October 14, 2015 • 6:38 pm •
  5. Who woulda thought?! Gelatin as a face mask for the skin!
    Very cool, can’t stop laughing:)

    October 10, 2015 • 10:14 am •