Real Food vs Supplements

Real Food vs Supplements and 4 reasons to choose real food over supplementation.

Regardless of all the differences of opinion in the world of health and nutrition, most can agree on one thing – whole foods are always going to be better then refined, processed foods.

But when it comes to supplementation, even those striving to help others achieve health through a more “holistic” approach are attempting to do so using supplementation vs real food. And we’re not talking about one or two supplements, we are talking 10-15 different supplements and sometimes a lot more!

Someone please explain how someone suffering from fatigue, hormonal disturbances, insomnia, COMPROMISED digestion can benefit from this degree of supplementation?

Answer is: They cannot and will not.


Another simple fact I think we can all agree on would be the sole purpose of eating food is to fuel the body.

Vitamins and supplements, even when made from whole foods, cannot be taken apart or isolated from the whole and then expected to do  the same job in the body as the whole complex is designed to do!


Yes, we live in a world of quick fixes and the simplest, least painful, least amount of work approach to solving our problems. We get it. No one has any time. We need to feel better now and we are willing to spend any amount of money to avoid having to actually DO something to accomplish this goal.

But here is the truth…

If you eat all the necessary foods, are exposed to enough sunlight, have a healthy digestive system and an efficient metabolism, you DO NOT need to take supplements.real food vs supplements

Can some people benefit from a little additional support here and there?

100% BUT not without a strong nutritional foundation to back it up. Otherwise you’re wasting your money and time and might find yourself falling deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole.

Does it take more then eating “clean” and “healthy” foods to heal and to live a healthy and vital life?

Yes, it does. It requires you to learn how to nourish your body using real food for long-term, sustainable health!

If you tend to take multiple supplements or are always seeking out a new supplement, start to reconsider where you invest your money. At the very least, if you find eating food is too much work, take the money you are spending on supplements and invest it in a meal delivery service. These days you have options, you may as well spend your money wisely.

In all our years in the nutrition industry never have we witnessed supplementation to work the way we have seen real, whole food work to achieve health.

Here are our 4 top reasons why…

1. Supplement not a substitute. Nothing can make up for a weak nutritional foundation. No matter how hard you try or how high quality the supplement is.

2. Quality. Supplements are made with low quality herbs, with no regard for health or wellness. They are mass produced and sold for profit.

3. Metabolic chaos. Most people are trying really hard to heal their body under chronic states of stress. Adding supplementation under these conditions can reap havoc on the system. You have no idea how your body will respond to a supplement and often can perpetuate disease when used incorrectly and/or at the wrong time.

4. Zero lifestyle modifications. This one piggy backs off #3. No supplement will make up for poor habits and decision making.


To learn more about how to use food as supplementation, feel free to contact Josh and Jeanne here.


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  1. I agree. Supplements are the “quick fix” approach that we feel we need because of our modern-day lifestyle. Our knowledge of how foods affect the body has changed so much over the years, yet I would guess we have a lot more to learn. When I was a kid, there were vitamins and minerals…today there are countless phytonutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, healthy bacteria…It’s silly to think we can package all of the benefits of food in a pill.

    June 24, 2016 • 8:17 am •
  2. Awesome article, people are always looking for that quick fix…. take this pill or position and all your problems will be solved. Big things in life are never that easy!

    Also i think that some and many in the fitness community forget what the actual word means! Supplement means just that someone that is taken to supplement a good diet!

    Hope all is well!


    July 9, 2016 • 12:53 am •