Six Ways Stress Can Lead to Hypothyroidism

Dysglycemia: High and low blood sugar both contribute to compromised gut health, respiratory health, hormone imbalances, exhausted adrenals, impaired liver function and a weakened metabolic state. Each of these effects significantly weakens thyroid function. As long as you are unable to regulate your blood sugar, whatever you do to fix your thyroid isn’t going to work.

Disruption of the HPA axis – Any stress response, whether acute or chronic, will have an effect on the HPA axis. Your brain (hypothalamus) speaks to your pituitary gland, who speaks to your adrenals, who speaks to your thyroid. Anything disrupting this communication will suppress thyroid function.

Reduce thyroid hormone conversion – Your thyroid produces over 90% of thyroid hormone, which then needs to be converted by the liver or in the gut. Inflammation resulting from chronically elevated cortisol levels will affect this conversion creating “hypothyroid” like symptoms even when the thyroid gland itself is perfectly healthy.

Autoimmunity – Chronically elevated stress hormones weaken the immune system barriers in the gut and brain leading to autoimmune diseases such a Hashimoto’s

Thyroid Resistance – The only way circulating thyroid hormone can have a physiological effect, is by activating cell receptor sites. Elevated stress hormones lead to chronic states of inflammation and inflammation will bind up these receptors.

Hormone imbalances – Prolong cortisol release caused by chronic stress decreases the livers ability to detoxify excess estrogen from the blood. Excess estrogen will increase thyroid binding globulin (TBG); proteins used to transport thyroid hormone. Elevated TBG levels indicate When we have more TBG, that means more thyroid is bound to this protein and rendered unavailable for the body’s energy needs.

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