“Starving” Candida

To begin, the idea of “starving” anything is an aggressive and very limiting approach.

I know if you starve me a) my liver glycogen storage (stored energy) is going to be depleted b) because my energy reserves are depleted I am now is a state of survival c) I am irritable, anxious, cold and hangry!

So, why wouldn’t candida act the same way, given it lives symbiotically with you?

Just as we have survival instincts so does candida.

When we do not have the proper energy resources on board the body will begin the process of gluconeogenesis, the breakdown of protein tissue for energy.

***This is an essential SURVIVAL mechanism of the human body. NOT designed for long term survival.

When you “starve” candida (yeast cells), in their quest for energy, they become more aggressive and invasive by sending out long branches of growth (pseudohyphae) that sink even more into the intestinal wall!

Restricting carbohydrates to “kill” candida only contributes to and exacerbates the very process that got you here in the first place.

Trying to “kill” candida by starving it of sugar is a a great way to kill your thyroid and thyroid hormone conversion. Carbohydrates such as fruits and roots are ESSENTIAL for life and thyroid health.

Restricting carbohydrates will:

  • increase cortisol production
  • block T4 to T3 conversion
  • inhibit the liver from detoxifying estrogen – recirculating estrogen will further affect thyroid hormone conversion, receptor sites and energy production.
  • weakens immunity and makes you more susceptible to candida and many other symptoms, disorders and diseases.

So, what can you do to assist in balancing your physiology, improve thyroid function and regulate candida without “killing” it?

Step 1:

Balance your blood sugar with food strategy.

Balancing your blood sugar will take the burden off the adrenal glands, increases thyroid health and strengthen the immune system.

Food strategy over a period of time is a key step to restoring thyroid pathways, increasing energy storage in the liver, increasing thyroid hormone conversion and energy production at the cellular level.

The goal is to create an environment that does NOT allow for the overgrowth of candida.

This process takes time so go slow.

Body temperature and pulse are a very effective method in guiding the process, allowing you to know whether or not what you are doing is working or not.

Step 2:

Eat foods high in vitamin A such as liver. Vitamin A is a precursor to progesterone and also anti-estrogenic.

**Vitamin A is not an end all be all and vitamin A from plant sources vs animal sources have very different affects on the body.

Step 3:

Eat 1-2 raw carrots a day with a meal. Carrots contain fiber the human cannot break down. When we eat them raw consistently, the fibers have been shown to absorb toxins and recirculating estrogen, which will support not only thyroid health but the immune system.

Step 4:

Eliminate all foods high in unsaturated fats such as nuts, seeds, and their oils, fatty fish and fish oils. Unsaturated fats have the same actions as estrogen in the body and have been shown to not only inhibit the thyroid, the immune system, but also increase recirculating estrogen.

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