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If you are interested in knowing whether or not you have or are headed toward “adrenal fatigue”, take your body temperature and pulse in the morning, before you get out of bed.

There is a real trend in the world of health and healing to get sucked down this rabbit hole of lab testing and supplement protocols to treat whatever deficiencies appear on a lab.

But here’s the deal, chances are you don’t need a lab to inform you of your adrenal fatigue. You can’t sleep, poop, think clearly and feel irritable and moody for no real reason (not any you can think of anyway).

Another real issue with lab testing and symptom chasing is this –  lab testing offers very little to no insight into WHY you have adrenal fatigue or any other diagnosis for that matter.

Labs do not tell you…

  • What is causing high or low cortisol
  • What is suppressing your adrenal-thyroid relationship
  • Whether or not your liver is able to store and produce energy
  • How efficient you are at regulating your blood sugar

And we think you would agree, in order to heal you must first understand what is making you sick (or as I prefer to look at it, confused and chaotic- when your nervous system, adrenal and thyroid are out of balance your body is locked in chaos).

These are primary details when it comes to creating an environment for healing to occur.

Below you will find some general guidelines for how to take your body temperature and pulse as well as some other ways you can begin developing new awareness to how things are affecting you.

These assessments can help guide us as we use food to interrupt the stress and reduce the burden on the adrenal glands.

Truth is, we all have to eat. So why not take some time to learn exactly what is keeping you stuck and new ways to use the food you eat to break the cycle? Seems like a win, win to me!

How to take your body temperature

Place a digital thermometer by your bedside and record your body temperature upon waking.

We recommend Safety First 3 in 1 digital thermometer for its accuracy. If you have a history of chronic sinusitis, take your temperature in your arm pit instead for a more accurate assessment of your metabolism.

When should you take your body temperature?

The best time to take your body temperature and pulse are:

  • As soon as you wake up in the morning; before getting out of bed
  • 20-30 minutes after breakfast

How To Take Your Resting Pulse

There are many factors other than food that can have an influence over your body temperature such as: stress hormones, infections, warm climates and ovulation so it is always important to measure your resting pulse in correlation to your basal body temperatures. Unlike body temperature, your pulse rate is not influenced by the climate or temperature of your environment. Therefore using both tools together is required for accuracy.

A healthy resting pulse will average between 70-85 bpm. The more often your heartbeats, the more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to your cells and the less your body has to compensate with adrenaline and other stress hormones.

Elevated pulses above 85 bpm can be an indicator of chronic elevated stress hormones just as low pulses are also an indicator of chronic elevated stress hormones.

How to measure your pulse:

  • Place the pads of your index and middle finger on the inside of your wrist crease (radial pulse) at the base of the thumb and press lightly until you find your pulse. Using a second timer, count for 30 seconds and x by 2. Record your reading.
  • If you find it difficult to read your pulse at your wrist, place your index finger and middle finger on your neck to the side of your windpipe (carotid pulse). When you feel your pulse, watching a timer count for 30 seconds and then multiply by 2.

Common patterns and variations of body temperature and pulse:

  • Normal body temperature and pulses range between 97.8 – 98.6 F and 36.7-37.0C and indicate whether you are compensating with stress hormones or if you are regulating your blood sugar.
  • Your morning temperature and pulse represent your baseline adrenal, thyroid and nervous system function.

These assessments  act as a real time, in the moment compass to guide and inform you as to whether or not what you eating, how you are exercising and your emotional state are supporting or exhausting your adrenal glands.

With this information you can begin to use food strategy to regulate your blood sugar, produce and converting thyroid hormone and calm and quiet your nervous system. The consistency of keeping these stress hormones at bay by using the information and feedback your body is providing will give you the strength and energy you need to combat the stresses you come up against in your life. Therefore no longer having such a negative and disruptive affect on your life.

Once you take these readings we would love to hear from you!
What is your body showing you?

Labs don’t dictate success or healing.

Consistency, awareness, patience and trust do 👍

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