It took me over a year to finally come to East West Healing for help but what a privilege it has been to work with them! prior to my work with EastWest Healine I had worked with some top names in the alternative health business and honestly they only made me sicker. I had known about Josh and Jeanne the whole time, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go with them because of the upfront cost. If I had only known! I spent much more money on help that actually made me worse. If I could do this all over I would have come to them in the first place. They know what they are talking about and they are worth every penny!

Before I started working with Josh and Jeanne I spent a year and a half unable to participate in my life because of extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, thyroid issues, anxiety, horrible sleep, weight gain and blood sugar problems. I have 3 little kids and my life was on hold because of how fatigued I was and how awful I felt.

Josh and Jeanne worked with me on my diet and lifestyle and it took a couple months to really notice, but I could see a difference in how I felt. Little issues started to fade away and now 6 months later I feel like myself again. Heart palpitations are gone, no more fatigue or anxiety, my blood sugar doesn’t bother me anymore, my sleep is great and my energy is so much better .

Josh and Jeanne has helped me learn to deal with setbacks and each time I have come back stronger physically and mentally. I am so thankful for their help and friendship through this!